Trendhunter: Trend Hunter

    Trendhunter is an interesting interpretation of a news site. The owner of this resource (and it was founded by one Canadian financial analyst) pays people to search for new trends in all areas: technology, sex, fashion, science. The author of each note is entitled from 50% to 100% of the income received from the display of advertising on his page. The model was successful and the site has already gained some fame.

    Each trend hunter receives a personal section (portfolio of trends) on the site, and his texts can be published in one of 13 magazines with which Trendhunter collaborates.

    Here are some of the latest trends:

    Chewing gum portraits : Britney Spears has been particularly successful.

    Robot boyfriendIs the girl’s best friend.

    Inflatable churches for weddings in nature.

    via Guy Kawasaki

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