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    month of May, in addition to celebrating my birthday, will be remembered by a deep informational vacuum for blog lovers across the planet. After all, the best newspaper of our time has temporarily suspended the publication of Blog Reviews. We will not talk about the causes of this phenomenon. Perhaps it was a large-scale magnetic anomaly. Probably, agents of unfriendly publications tried. Most likely, the power supply sat in the author or he was just a lazy person. Nevertheless, the reviews are again on the pages of “KV” and they smell wonderful of printing ink. We continue!

    Roman Stepanov maintains a livemarketing blog - marketing blog. Surprisingly, this blog is dedicated to marketing and finance. The fact that Roman understands what he writes about, says his biography - he headed sales & marketing in one of the successful regional Internet portals for a couple of years, and now lives in Moscow and is engaged in marketing in a rather large international telecom company, which is part of at France Telecom Group. The blog will soon be one year old, and I want to hope that it remains the same informative and regularly updated.

    Remember, the little English girl Alice was amusing herself with a pie and some kind of liquid, on which were inscribed “Eat me” and “Drink me”? I don’t promise you the same transformation after visiting the Sell ​​Me Blog"(Sell me), but he will make you think for sure. He is led by another star figure in the Russian blogosphere - Dmitry Chestnykh (speaking last name, aha). This blog, like the previous one, is about business and marketing. At least in favor of the author his statement that he had never worked anywhere. I do not urge readers to quit working, but simply prove that Dmitry is probably a little versed in business. If he doesn’t lie, of course. In any case, reading his blog is just interesting. of Dmitry author of the popular blog client BlogJet .

    The thick and slimy amoeba I crawl on blogs and leave a piece of each of them on his body. Agree, it's better than if I had left a piece of themselves on the blog. clean themselves before the celebration of the day the radio, I found interesting blog In the "Author" section, anything is written except for the name and surname of this author. Such secrecy is alarming, so I already informed about this blog where it should and where it should not (for example, at vegetable warehouse No. 6). Nevertheless, the content of the blog is constantly updated with new notes on the creation and support of blogs, as well as reviews of Internet services. I wish the author to tear off the mask of mystery! Or "who follows" will do it for him. Digital Life

    Blog"It’s about her that her native tells. The author also hides from the public, but, unlike the previous hero, does not even disclose her birthplace. But she regularly publishes interesting notes about life on the World Wide Web. By the way, the author even wrote the book“ Blogs and RSS ... "thanks to which I still found out that Vitaliy Gerasevich is blogging. It turns out that the book is being sold here as well. No, Vitaly didn’t pay me for advertising, but in such a tricky way I interested you in his blog. What a cunning I am, however, wherever

    people go in search of usab Specially for the sake of where to wander, the resourceful Andrei Sedelnikov created a blog with the same name - " In search of usability". As you know, the blog is devoted to usability problems and their possible solutions. In my opinion, Andrei writes interesting notes, and although I personally consider usability to be not the most important world problem (trafficking in our women is what you need to write about and what to fight against! ), I

    ’m constantly reading new posts, and the last today’s blog in our review is a brisk snake about a blog about Internet marketing from a well-known marketer Andrei Muravyov (Andrei is only twenty years old, so he’s sometimes quite skeptical about his notes). touches on the issues of search engine optimization, contextual advertising, copywriting and even usability, and sometimes it’s not only touches on, but touches to the fullest! I draw your attention to this blog because it is informative and regularly updated.


    Published in Computer News (No. 20, 2006)

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