Talk Show "First After Blog"

    Within the framework of the Moscow International Advertising Festival, the first in the history of Runet interactive talk show “The First After the Blog” will be held, which is a battle of the leaders of the Runet blog services.

    During the talk show, presenter Sergey Stillavin will interview the heads of LiveJournal, LiveInternet ,,, LovePlanet, Rambler Planet about how the leading blogosphere sites are going to earn on advertising, what bonuses will be received by thousands of diary authors, as well as what the advertiser thinks about the effectiveness of such a non-standard way of promotion. The winner will be the one who can prove the benefits of his service and convince viewers and the presenter that the authors of online diaries and advertisers are waiting for income and new effective advertising channels.

    The winner will be determined by voting, which will be attended by spectators of the Moscow International Advertising Festival and Internet users.
    The list of participants from each blog hosting can be found here . A talk show will be held on September 13 at the Oktyabr Cinema Center, Hall 5, from 2.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Online broadcast will take place on and . Voting for participants will be held at . Tickets for talk shows are distributed as part of the MIFF accreditation .

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