Twitter Newspapers Slow Down

Original author: Malcolm Coles
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The number of accounts of national (British - approx. Translator ) newspapers on Twitter continues to grow, but at an ever slower pace. According to the latest data on 130 accounts that I’m following :

As of November 2, these 130 accounts had 1801811 followers, which means an increase of 137568 people compared with the data from October 1 (1664243 followers). The largest share in this increase - 69% (95,007 people) - was made by the @guardiantech audience, which is automatically suggested by Twitter as potentially interesting.

(The NB Telegraph newspaper renamed its @TelegraphScienc account, so this month I recounted the October numbers. At first I thought that the account was deleted, but then downloaded the updated data.)

The greatest growth was shown by the @MirrorFootball account, which climbed eleven positions to 81st place (from 455 followers to 809). Which gives us reason to believe that the Mirror newspaper has finally started using Twitter. Most of her accounts are at the very bottom of the list, and it seems that the only reason for their growth was a one-line shift associated with the loss of @TelegraphScienc account from the list.

A complete data sheet in GoogleDoc format can be downloaded here .

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