How to increase website sales by 47% in 2 hours using new headers

    Today, let's look at the easiest and most affordable way to increase sales - headlines. We will talk about our experience and discuss it with market experts. And also we will share a couple of free services that will help you put everything below described into practice.

    Note that we are not talking about all the headlines that are found on the site, but only about the most important thing. About that which is allocated as H1. About the title that the visitor sees when he first hits the site. About the title, which is intended to interest a potential client, so that it becomes interesting for him to study the contents of the page, and not immediately close it.

    All our experiments conducted on commercial sites have proved that the most conversion is the use of USP (unique product offer) in the headings.

    Oddly enough, but more than 95% of companies do not have UTP. Therefore, these companies look the same in the eyes of consumers and use only discounts and promotions to build on competitors. This is where the fantasy ends. USP? No, I have not heard. The owners of such companies, even for a million dollars, will not tell a secret how they differ from competitors. And this is not a commercial secret ...

    Therefore, to increase the conversion, we strongly recommend combining the main headline with the use of USP. But how to make such an effective design?

    The first method is the 4U formula. Or, as we call it, HIPS

    It consists of four components arranged in random order:
    1U UsefulnessUsefulness and benefit
    2U UrgencyUrgency and limited supply
    3U Ultra-specificityOffer specifics
    4U UniqnessUniqueness

    An example on a roofing site

    “We repair the roof and facades faster than anyone according to German technology with a 5-year guarantee”

    Let's analyze the result:
    1U UsefulnessWe repair a roof and facades
    2U UrgencyThe fastest
    3U Ultra-specificityWith a guarantee of 5 years
    4U UniqnessGerman technology

    Effect :
    • Failure reduction from 24% to 19%.
    • Lead growth - 14%.

    We even made a simple service that helps to make headings using the 4U formula. In it, everyone can try to improve their headlines in a few minutes.

    What did Denis Kaplunov advise us to strengthen the headlines?

    Denis Kaplunov - one of the most famous and bright copywriters of Russia, the founder of the Studio "Denis Kaplunov." He received two higher educations - legal and economic. For seven years he worked in a commercial bank, where he convinced customers about the benefits of cooperation. He is the best-selling author of Copywriting of Mass Destruction, Effective Commercial Offer, Content, Marketing and Rock and Roll and the new book Business Copywriting: How to Write Serious Texts for Serious People.

    Advises reinforcing headings with magic words:
    • New (new, in a new way, news) - will never become obsolete, will cause interest and uniqueness.
    • Free - it is not always possible to use this word, but its power is beyond doubt. Freebie, sir;)
    • The word highlighting the target audience (profession, age, income, hobbies, problems, gender, etc.).

    Another technique is allusion. To do this, beat
    famous winged expressions or names. For instance:

    • The basic instinct of a content marketer.
    • Check seven times, publish once.
    • 50 shades of gray content marketing.

    And another example is to add a date or year to the title, this will give the topic relevance.
    For example: “How to make money in 2015?”

    Denis draws attention to the task of the heading to immediately “cement” the attention of Central Asia. Improving the quality of the target audience, you increase the conversion of text.

    The second method. Blai's principles

    Headings should satisfy four principles:
    1. Attract attention.
    2. Segment your target audience.
    3. Disclose the essence of the proposal in its final form.
    4. Draw the reader into the text.

    An example on the site of water heating services

    “Where to order reliable installation of communications so that it is guaranteed to enjoy home comfort for 5 years?”

    Let's analyze the result:
    1. Attracted attention due to the "5 years warranty."
    2. The target audience is people who want to enjoy home comfort. We intentionally refused to clearly indicate “owners of houses and apartments” when segmenting. This complicated the design.
    3. Revealed the essence of the proposal in its final form - "reliable installation of communications."
    4. Drawn into the text with the help of question and utility. Here we explain an important, but not obvious point: the human brain always requires an answer to a question. If there is no answer, the brain immediately begins to search for information. Therefore, interrogative headlines according to Bligh's principles are a win-win option.

    Effect :
    • Reducing the number of failures from 18% to 13%.
    • Lead gain: 16%.

    What did Dmitry Kot offer us to segment the target audience?

    Dmitry Kot - Director of the Agency for Selling Texts. Copywriter with education and marketing approach. A personal record - text with a 20% conversion - every fifth reader becomes a buyer. Author of the best-selling copywriting: How not to eat a dog. We create texts that sell. ”

    Try to ensure that the headline does not attract all readers, but only potential customers. In other words, so that it is of interest only to the people you need. To do this, use in the header:
    • Professional terms. For example, "How to increase STA by 2 times"? Those who are not in internet marketing pass by.
    • Professional slang or jargon. For example, "5 subtleties of two-step sales." The texts are read by those who are in the subject of sales in 2 steps.
    • Surnames of experts in this market. For example, “What did Linus Pauling actually discover?” Those who are not connected with biochemistry pass by.
    • Mentioned specialized brands. For example, "The secrets of installing Brembo on an E-Class." Only auto mechanics and owners of the E-class open.

    Other heading options

    We again clarify that there is no one true formula for an effective header. This applies to the number of words, and its formula. There are simply successful viral headlines that tightly attract attention and quickly sell text.

    Pavel Berestnev shared with us the technique of quickly creating effective headlines:

    Pavel Berestnev - one of the most famous and successful copywriters of Runet, the head of the Copywriting League.

    It is recommended to use enumeration of combinations of cards with pasted headings. For this, the copywriter first collects the most catchy headlines from newspapers and magazines.
    No crisis of thought! Play with such cards and get 10-15 ideas for an effective heading as a result of quick search.

    We use an open and truthful approach - when everything is clear from the title. But there are other technologies. They are based on the strong interest of the user to quickly find out what is there in the text? That is, for 5-6 seconds the task of selling the reading of the main text is to solve such headings no worse than those presented above.

    What did Vick Orlov advise us on using NLP techniques in copywriting and sales?

    Vic Orlov is the most extraordinary Runet professional in the field of modern psychotechnologies in terms of influence in PR, sales, and advertising. Certified in NLP, provocative communication, ECT and Ericksonian hypnosis. Over 20 years he has devoted himself to the study of secrets and laws of influence, analyzing dozens of existing official and undocumented psychotechnologies and techniques.

    Suggests using the Alvio Collection for headlines. These are pre-made schemes, most of which are based on the use of NLP techniques.

    The methods are working and different. But to apply the method of "gypsy shock" to your potential customers or to spare them - you decide.

    For example, the “Semi-Imperative” technique is a sharp shock message and an order to do something: “A traffic thief on the pages of your sites! Get rid of him immediately! ”

    Other schemes are more humane. For example, what would the title of this article look like:
    • Title-Problem: "Do your advertising costs exceed your site revenue?"
    • Benefit title: “4 words that will increase the site owner’s income by 47%.”
    • Headline-emotion: "Again, the advertising budget was poured into traffic and did not see the leads?"
    • Title-rating: "4 ways to increase sales on the site, which you will not hear from marketers."

    Application Tips

    If your service site has been working for a long time - there are hundreds and thousands of pages on it. Renaming all their headlines is similar to death. This is not only labor, but also the unpredictable reaction of search engines. Why risk changing positions in the SERP?

    If you noticed, then the headings that we made up are tightly intertwined with UTP. And now the main feature - we generate one UTP header for all pages of the site and place it over the real H1 page header in plain text.

    You now own a tool like composing effective headlines. Generate headers on the online service, post ready-made UTP on the site and increase profits.

    How does Sergei Bernadsky advise us to check ready-made headlines?

    Sergey Bernadsky is a professional copywriter, business consultant and author of five successful business books, including the bestselling book “Selling Texts. How to turn a reader into a buyer. ”

    It is recommended that you initially make up at least 10-15 heading options. To get a good result, you need to ask yourself and get positive answers to two questions:
    • Does your headline encourage you to read the text?
    • If you take
    only one heading and add a phone number - will customers call?

    What to do after you drag the reader into the text?

    Responsible for words and benefit people. For example, they promised to tell how to increase sales using headlines - do it. And attracting potential customers, do not forget to effectively increase conversion, including using our service ;)

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