SAP spotted participating in NSA programs

Original author: Margi Murphy
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Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, says reports on the role of SAP in NSA programs are misleading, but adds that the company is respected for its contribution to national security.

The company came up with questions on this topic after information appeared that SAP allegedly provided the infrastructure to American intelligence agencies for organizing Internet espionage. Zeit Online reports that the CIA and NSA are using a database system from SAP. It was also found that the company owns tools created by Inxight and Sybase.

McDermott said: “SAP solutions are standard software, and our customers decide how they want to use it.”

SAP bought Inxight in 2007. Joe Lernut, a former intelligence developer, said: "Inxight solves the problem of accessibility for finding large amounts of data." After 3 years, SAP bought Sybase, an American DBMS developer, whose largest client is also the NSA.

McDermott replied: “Claims that access to user data is possible are false. In addition, there are no backdoors embedded in the SAP software, and customer data cannot be obtained externally. SAP, like no other company, focuses on data privacy and user security. ”

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