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    No time to explain! I have been following and writing for a long time about the development of the guys from ComfortWay ( ) who work in the segment of technologies of roaming-free communication, virtual SIM and ahead of schedule. Today, dry news from them and comments on why the news is great. News on the basis of their participation in the GSMA World Mobile Congress.

    News # 1
    Colleagues created an international association of companies and entrepreneurs working in the field of virtual communications services
    V.SCA (Virtual SIM Card Alliance).

    News # 2 The
    Alliance is working on creating a cloud service for managing virtual SIM cards ComfortWay Virtual SIM Cloud.
    and actually became the first global independent provider of cloud SIM profiles.
    Cloud Functionality:
    • secure storage of images of virtual SIM cards of participating operators (in partnership with leading manufacturers of SIM cards)
    • billing - a single user balance and dynamic management of device or SIM card rates
    • secure transfer of profiles to SIM cards in accordance with GSMA standards
    • integration with partner services - Internet portals that provide travel services to potential customers
    • SIM protection implementation

    that is, in fact, the cloud assumes the functions of a connector or hub between operators, end users, and manufacturers of wearable devices, and this is beneficial for everyone and will allow smoothing out conflicts of interests of the parties - mobile smartphone manufacturers do not want to produce devices with a limited pool, operators do not they will provide, they want to release products that are ready to work around the world without additional user actions, and operators want to expand their customer base through visiting tourists and the M2M device market .
    Scenario of using a cloud by a mobile operator
    A virtual SIM card can be installed in any wearable device or a SIM-chip is built-in chipset. The operator is selected by the user from the application. To ensure security, operator profiles are stored on certified platforms of SIM card manufacturers or in the IPVS cloud, an independent virtual SIM provider. SIM-cards of any operator who realized the possibility of transferring independently or decided to work with an independent provider of SIM profiles from the cloud can be poured into the profile (selected from the application).


    News # 3
    ComfortWay's new product line ComfortWay MINI
    This version is a mini router that can connect via USB connection, as well as "distribute" Wi-Fi to several gadgets. ComfortWay Mini will be especially convenient for laptop users, as well as for all travelers-motorists, as the kit includes a special USB-adapter, so as not to occupy the cigarette lighter socket.
    Speed: up to 21 Mb / s;
    Dimensions: 91.5x27x11mm;
    Weight: 90 gr.
    SIM card: T-mobile;
    Coverage: all countries of the European Union;
    Number of simultaneously connected devices: up to 5;


    #New 4
    ComfortWay implements Remote SIM Provisioning technology (remote downloading of SIM card profiles to a smartphone), which was approved by the GSMA international association in the summer of 2014. In fact, the technology allows the use of virtual SIM cards instead of installing physical SIMs in the smartphone.
    About virtual SIM
    The main function of a classic SIM card is to store identification information about the owner, which allows the subscriber to easily and quickly change cellular devices without changing their account, but simply rearranging their SIM card to another phone. A virtual SIM can be tied to a specific device in the form of a built-in SIM chip, onto which you can upload the profile of a local operator at any time. An alternative is the “classic” form factor with one undeniable advantage - the operator and the tariff plan can be changed in a matter of minutes.

    News # 5
    The integration of the DentalCloud cloud and the ComfortWay service has been launched so that access to the former is comfortable on clients traveling abroad.

    News # 6
    ComfortWay and Simkomat(another Russian startup) are discussing the possibility of integration with the CheckU system, which allows you to remotely enter into an agreement with a telecom operator - in this case, an independent service provider in Russia ComfortWay Virtual SIM Cloud. The principle of operation of CheckU - to get a virtual SIM, you do not need to go to the service center, as it was before, you need to photograph your passport and face using a special application. In just 2-3 minutes, if they can identify you, the contract will be concluded.


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