How we optimized our videos on Youtube and what came of it

    Once we noticed that one of our videos not only actively collects views, but also faithfully brings us new orders for logo animations. Here it is, get acquainted:

    And this despite the fact that we only posted a video on our channel on Youtube and did nothing else with it. But it would probably be worth it.

    So we decided to optimize this and our other videos with logo animation and see what comes of it.

    All optimization circles

    To begin with, we determined which keywords for these videos are the most popular and relevant. We used the Google Keyword Planner (by the way, there are alternatives - the Key Collector program, the services Wordtracker, WordStream, Semrush, Wordstat from Yandex), and then compared the results with the Youtube Keyword Tool. We added the

    main keywords “ logo animation ” and “ animated logo ” to the title: for example, from the modest Two Seasons Logo Animation we got Two Seasons Logo Animation - Animated Logo (Video) .

    We also filled the descriptions of the videos with keywords, and we tried to use the main keywords in each description at least twice.

    They decided to do the description in Russian and in English, as part of our audience is Russian-speaking. And so that the English-language description of the video was perfectly literate, we drove all the texts through the Nitro translators-natives - it turned out very quickly and conveniently.

    We also added four links to our other videos with animated logos in the description of each video. Such is the internal linking.

    And at the end of the optimization, we added keywords to the tags for each video.

    And what is the result?

    This was the result of our manipulations after 3 and a half months:
    Video titleNumber of views before optimizationNumber of views after optimization
    Animated Logos Of Famous Brands15 32624,995
    Nevosoft Logo Animation212385
    BitBull Logo Animation93212
    101xp Logo Animation247384
    Two Seasons Logo Animation24152

    Note that the Animated Logos Of Famous Brands video collected its 15 thousand views for more than a year, and here it received +10 thousand in a matter of months. The analytics clearly showed where: 40% of viewers for this period came from a search on Youtube, although in general only 13% of those on the channel. Another 30% switched from similar videos. English-language traffic significantly increased, every fifth visitor watched our animated logos from the USA. A similar situation with the rest of the videos, although they are newer.

    Should this be considered a good result? IMHO, very good. In addition, over the past few months, we have received a steady stream of leads that need preroll screensavers and animated logos. One of the orders worth approximately $ 600 we have already completed. You can’t buy a yacht, of course, but nonetheless.

    And the optimization algorithm has now been worked out - with our new video OptionWorkshop Logo Animation we plan to do the same procedure.

    And what did you get with the optimization of videos on Youtube?

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