In CERN with the support of RVC held a session "Scientific breakthroughs as a subject of communication"

    50 professionals from 10 countries took part in the international session “Communicating scientific breakthrough” at the CERN site, RVC reports . They tried to identify trends in the development of scientific communications and discussed the popularization of science.

    CERN employees spoke about corporate approaches to scientific communications using the example of the launch of the Large Hadron Collider , the discovery of the Higgs boson, and everyday work. Some PR functions in CERN are given to employees - they communicate with representatives of the media and conduct excursions.

    Participants discussed the role of stars in popularizing science. Angelina Jolie helps educate people on mastectomy, and a number of other stars misinform society about vaccinating children, said Alexander Gerber, professor at the University of Applied Sciences Rhine-Waal. He noted that the roles of journalists and corporate PRs in popularization have changed.

    One of the important trends is the decrease in the influence of media on communication between scientists and society. Scientists themselves must tell the public about achievements, look for new ones to their audience. Session moderator Elena Brandt gave an example of Europe and the USA, where scientists adapt their messages to the interests of groups.

    The importance of PR in space exploration is revealed in this article at Geektimes.

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