VMware Virtual Networking Certification

Original author: Brandon Butler
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Last year, VMware created a new certification program that is designed for professionals who will work with virtual networks. “Some people may feel that their work is in jeopardy due to SDN,” says Chris McCain, VMware’s director of training and certification for network and security professionals.

From a technical point of view, the organization of a virtual network is still no different from the organization of a physical network. Virtual networks still require a reliable physical network, but basic network functions, such as firewalling and segmentation, do not require hardware.

To tell users about network virtualization technology, VMware has created an entire catalog of courses, exams, and certifications. Education is possible in several ways, from online courses to training in a special center.

Is certification really worth it? Ravi Venkatasabbeya, a member of the VMware User Group, says VMware certificates are highly regarded by employers.

In addition to VMware, other companies offer such courses. For example, Cisco offers four Network Programmability Specialist certification programs. And the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) conducts vendor-independent certification of specialists. Users can obtain the status of a certified SDN engineer or certification of an SDN partner.

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