100 resources for technology entrepreneurs

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Today, significant attention is paid to tips for those involved in technology startups, but to a greater extent we would need resources, services and everything that helps to create, sell and develop. This is precisely the essence of our (augmented and adapted) selection -  no tips, just tools .

1. General

2. Motivation

3. Implementation

  • StartupStack: Search for startups by used technologies;
  • Talk To Users: Widgets for interactive feedback from your customers;
  • InVision: Platform for prototyping and collaboration;
  • Codeship: Everything you need for Continuous delivery;
  • Segment: Integration of services that work with the data of your customers;
  • Batch: A platform to refine your mobile application;
  • Commando: Online manager for your servers;
  • DigitalOcean: Simple hosting solution for developers;
  • Intercom: In-app or email interaction with customers;
  • Sqwiggle: A tool for interacting within a team.

4. Business

5. Education

6. Communities

7. Blogs

8. Accelerators

9. Humor

10. Miscellaneous

11. Our other collections

Of course, this list cannot be considered completely exhaustive - feel free to supplement it in the comments and share your own tools, colleagues.

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