How to make a profit as a reseller hosting

Original author: Scott Seong
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Reselling hosting is a good IT business option for individuals.

This type of IT-business does not require large expenditures, and with proper management, you can get big profits from it. Services are transparent to users, so end users usually don’t know that they are dealing with resellers. For example, 24x7 server support and maintenance duties can be delegated to a large hosting company for a nominal fee, and the intermediary can focus on sales and the marketing aspect of the business.

Due to the drop in hosting prices and increase in its space and bandwidth, as well as due to the ability to offer several domains on one server, hosting services make it ideal for people who can offer hosting reseller services to end users. Major hosting companies today offer an unlimited number of domains and hosting with a large number of shared disk space for resellers, which makes it a profitable business. In addition, some companies allow you to re-evaluate the server space and do not charge an additional fee. The average user, as a rule, consumes only part of the space and bandwidth.

The hosting business model assumes residual income. Your customers will stay with you from month to month, from year to year, until you satisfy their demand. Web hosting involves reducing prices for your customers, so you can offer them more space and bandwidth. As you grow, you can also earn more business by providing reseller hosting services to smaller resellers. Providing a web host eliminates the difficulties associated with the hosting company. Purchasing hardware, servicing servers, technical support and creating the necessary infrastructure makes the business very expensive and time-consuming. With a reseller hosting service, you can simply take advantage of the hosting resources provided by a large company.

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