Redistribution of Luxoft shares continues

    JPMorgan, an American investment company, bought a 4.5% stake in Luxoft, while French fund BNP Paribas, on the contrary, halved its stake. How does this relate to Luxoft's financial situation?

    Luxoft is a Russian company that has been developing software since 2000. JPMorgan Chase & Co is one of the most experienced investment players. It was formed back in 1799. Now the company owns a capital of $ 2.4 trillion. According to materials posted on the website of the American Securities Commission, JPMorgan purchased 4.5% of Luxoft shares, which currently stands at $ 75 million.

    At the end of 2014, BNP Paribas Investment Partners from France acquired a 4% stake in Luxoft, but now decided to reduce its share twice. This was probably due to the fact that the deal with Luxoft did not bring the expected results, and BNP 's profit decreased by 30 times in 2014.

    Earlier, in the same 2014, at LuxoftFidelity Worldwide invested , buying back a 5% stake. But by summer, he also halved his share due to the fall in Luxoft stock prices in May.

    But before that, in 2013, after the IPO and SPO, foreign funds began to actively acquire Luxoft shares.

    Dynamics of Luxoft stocks according to Yahoo Finance

    And only a year ago, Luxoft stock quotes began to decline rapidly: from $ 44 in February 2014 to $ 24 in May 2014. The fall was due to the situation in Ukraine, where some of the company’s divisions are located. However, now the stock has risen again and reached $ 49.

    Recently, Sberbank CIB noted in its report that Luxoft expects a good future in the next 3 years. According to analysts, the revenue of Luxoft will increase significantly, and in 2015 it is expected to increase profitability due to the devaluation of the ruble. In addition, Luxoft bought the Radius company , which is engaged in the development of the "Internet of things", which will improve the work with customers from the automotive, energy, technology and telecommunications businesses.

    And if the company is not limited to a small number of large customers, it will be able to get even greater opportunities for development.

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