86 free platforms for promoting startups in the international market

Original author: PromoteHour
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We have supplemented and adapted the original selection, choosing exclusively free resources for promoting startups in the international market. In addition, we reworked the initial classification, introduced ranking by potential audience reach (for sites with designated reach) and allocated the appropriate resources to thematic categories.

1. Entrepreneurs + investors + marketers

2. Entrepreneurs + lovers of new technologies

3. Subject magazines, libraries, and listings - mostly fans of new technologies

4. Designers + marketers + developers

  • Pineapple: For projects that help the work of designers and developers - coverage of up to 30 thousand views;
  • Designer News: Tell us about your project, if it is aimed at designers - coverage up to 17 thousand, etc .;
  • Reddit - Design Critiques: Criticism of the design of your product - coverage up to 16 thousand pr .;
  • StackShare: Tell us about the technologies of your project;
  • Growthhackers: Share your customer growth story;
  • Maqtoob: Add your card to the professional search engine
  • Web Dev 2.0: Another Application Library - Add Your Card
  • Cool Startup, Bro: A selection of demo videos of startups - send your video
  • Mashape: Add a description of your API
  • Killer Startup Designs: Tell us about the design solutions for your project.
  • Pitchnery: Share your investor presentation slides
  • Moblized: Services and Applications for Small Businesses

5. Potential testers of earlier versions of your application

6. Our other collections

Of course, this list cannot be considered completely exhaustive - feel free to supplement it in the comments and share the experience of promoting your projects, colleagues!

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