The five largest high-tech startups in the world at the moment

    The Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones VentureSource monitor the success of companies that are valued at more than a billion dollars by venture capitalists. The five most expensive startups include Xiaomi, Uber, Palantir, SpaceX and Snapchat.

    1. Xiaomi

    The largest startup at the moment is Xiaomi, which attracted investments in the amount of 1.4 billion dollars in five rounds. At the moment, the company is estimated at 46 billion. In five years, Xiaomi, founded in 2010, has become the third smartphone manufacturer in the world. How did they do it? Read the Xiaomi Phenomenon article : become the third smartphone manufacturer .


    2. Uber

    The Uber San Francisco company was founded in 2009. She has created a mobile application for searching, calling and paying for taxis or private drivers. The system is available to cities around the world, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. The startup in six rounds attracted $ 2.8 billion of investment and is valued at $ 41.2 billion. Working with the application allows especially enterprising people to earn money by selling their own goods and services.


    3. Palantir

    The Palantir startup was created in 2004 with the money of the In-Q-Tel venture fund, which is supported by the NSA, the FBI and the CIA. The company has created the most powerful big data mining tool that converts data into maps, diagrams, and animations that are intuitively understandable. The project is intended for the military and intelligence, now it is also used by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The total investment amounted to 0.9 billion dollars, the startup is estimated at 15 billion.


    4. SpaceX

    SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk in 2002. The startup produces Falcon space rockets, which have been successfully launched several times. Together with NASA, the company developed a module for providing cargo to the International Space Station, which successfully docked to the station in April 2014. The amount of investment in a startup in five rounds amounted to 1.1 billion dollars, the company is estimated at 12 billion.


    5. Snapchat

    Snapchat closes the top five - a startup has developed a photo messenger with self-destructing messages. The startup rejected the offer of Facebook to buy and in three rounds since 2012 has attracted $ 150 million, and is currently estimated at 10 billion. Snapchat’s position in the ranking may change soon: Bloomberg reports that the company plans to raise another 500 million, after which it will be valued at between 16 and 19 billion dollars, which will raise it to third place.


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