3 facts you wanted to know about Xiaomi but were afraid to ask

Original author: Brad Reed http://bgr.com/author/brad-reed/
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Over the past couple of years, Xiaomi's newfangled Chinese smartphone maker has shown tremendous growth thanks to well-placed mass production and the ability to market very cheap devices at amazing speeds.
On Thursday, Xiaomi held a press conference in San Francisco and revealed amazing facts that you've never heard of before. We chose three facts that surprised us the most.

Last year, Xiaomi sold 1.16 million smartphones in one day. According to Harry McCracken, Xiaomi can produce 940,000 products per day and deliver them to Chinese users within one to two days. Many American companies have not even dreamed of such high labor productivity.

Xiaomi sells 49-inch 4K TVs for about $ 650. They were released last spring. A feature of these TVs is the support of Smart TV based on Android OS, with a Bluetooth subwoofer, which is just a gift for such a price. Selling such devices for less than $ 650 is a bold decision, so hurry up to buy them now before they change their minds.

The cameras of Xiaomi phones have technology that makes your photos more attractive. It is especially effective if you want to take a selfie, as it allows you to improve the appearance of your face: make your eyes bigger and your skin cleaner. So, if you want your photo to look better, for example, on a dating site, then Xiaomi will help you with this.

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