How do I hire programmers

I go to the github and look for project repositories that are similar in profile to those for which we are looking for programmers.
I look through issues, select the appropriate ones - those for which it will not take too much time (ideally evening) and for which it will be necessary to understand the project itself.

I ask each applicant for a link to a profile on the github (or other services) or any other ways to look at what the applicant did. If the applicant does not have a way to show his code (or, for example, on the github there is only one repository and the one with the configs) - I will throw him a link to one of the issues and ask me to send a link to pull request upon completion.

By pull request, you can immediately see how the applicant is able to understand other people's code and how he writes the code. I do not give classical test tasks - it’s killing time to nowhere, this code will be thrown away, it will not help anyone solve any problem.

I do not ask why hatches are round and I will not ask until I see a scientific study proving the connection between a person’s ability to answer such a question and how well he will perform the tasks that we need.

I do not ask why you chose our company, because it will not show how well you will work.

I do not focus on your personal qualities. Because building a model of work in a team that takes into account the personality of each of the employees is the manager’s task, and filtering candidates by personal qualities is managerial impotence.

When you come for an interview, you are already accepted. Because I already know about your knowledge and capabilities. I can only show you the future place of work, and you - to sign an employment contract.

Every month I look at what you did. What they worked with, what they learned. I’m sketching, in a way, a “resume” on you. And then I look at the vacancies for this "resume". It helps to understand how you look in the market, it is important. I should know what others will offer you for your skills and change the working conditions so that you do not even think about changing jobs. You just work, complete assigned tasks, create products. You do not need to be distracted by going and “knocking out” an increase from your superiors - the salary itself grows with your skills.

But everything is simple: get rid of duckling syndrome, get out of your head everything you ever knew about hiring employees and develop a hiring model for the employee you need. And before that, do not forget to think about who you really need. Anyone who gives beautiful answers to logical problems? Anyone who can write a dozen sorting functions on a piece of paper and debug them there? Do you have such problems seriously? What are you doing at all?

Not all the things that are accepted in society are rational. The best solutions are those that throw away everything except truly rational things.

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