Why do strategic game champions become bad leaders?

    imageMost likely, many noticed that, as soon as a good programmer is appointed to lead other programmers, he immediately becomes a bad leader, and sometimes also a bad programmer. He usually becomes a bad programmer because he is not allowed to concentrate on programming, but is constantly pulled on managerial issues, because many team leaders prefer to program either early in the morning or late at night, when no one is distracting.

    But why does he become a poor leader? There are actually many reasons, you can read about them in detail with Sasha Orlov, I will talk about one of the most striking ones.

    Why is it difficult for programmers to learn how to manage people, in our life we ​​have played so many strategic games, both computer and board. It would seem that we know almost everything about strategy and tactics. Many even won with brilliance not only military, but also economic strategies. What is the reason?

    In games, we easily manage both powerful empires and the special forces team, but in life we ​​cannot normally lead even two programmers?

    Again, you can come up with a bunch of arguments, but I will highlight the most important, in my opinion:

    In most games, your subordinates are perfect! ..

    Have you noticed? They always without errors carry out what is entrusted to them, always the first time and 100% understand exactly the order, they are always ready to go into battle, despite the fact that today is a day off or a holiday. They never get sick, they are always happy with their salary and work schedule. Robots, in a word!

    There are, of course, exceptions like the Jagged Alliance, but most games are exactly as described above.

    And when you become the leader you can’t even imagine that your tank, sent to destroy an enemy turret, did not find it, although it had a map, and decided to read Habr or bash.org out of boredom.

    But this is not the worst. It happens that a tank found a turret, fired upon it, and it even exploded, but when you drive a convoy with food past this turret, it turns out that a couple of soldiers who had a grenade launcher lying around survived in the turret. Those. the task outwardly seems to be completed, but in fact the threat of the turret is not eliminated. Who thought that it was necessary to check after this tank that the turret was really not combat ready?

    Have you ever had such a thing that you send your fleet to shoot a port city with guns, and instead, your brave sailors, armed with daggers, land on the shore and try to storm the city?

    But such a situation happened: you urgently need reinforcements to finally capture the city or vice versa to hold, and your paladins, who may come to the rescue, say that it is already the end of the working day, and tomorrow is a day off.

    Absurd situations, isn't it? But in life everything is just like this: the Marine Corps can get the flu, and the artillery regiment can go to serve your enemy, because he is closer to his house. A squad of night elves may be in an inoperative mood today and all day with a sad face depict that they are shooting at the enemy with a bow, and they themselves will watch videos on youtube.

    In general, what is the advice to novice managers: be sure to play in the Jagged Alliance and pump (self-educate) in managerial skills.

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