Features of search of employees on Habré

    The other day I placed a vacancy CIO in a bank on Habré and at the same time I appreciated how interesting Habr is in terms of finding IT specialists. Next - a brief memo- compendium for human resources

    Proactive employee search

    1. The target orientation of the site’s audience and high attendance contribute to the search for the necessary specialist.
    2. The site has about a thousand resumes, their level of information is very often low.
    One gets the impression that most authors consider the publication of a resume as more secondary (with respect to specialized resources, “job sites and resumes”), hence the incomplete list of jobs, work skills, completed projects.
    There are also brilliantly designed ones, but most of them come across with a summary like “I'm cool, is it really not clear from my publications?” No, you won’t sell an elephant like that. If you purposefully go in search of an employee, then you start by reading the resume, and only then maybe - that person writes.

    Passive search

    1. There are both paid vacancies and free vacancies , though with an undocumented restriction of “one vacancy per month per account”. Well, yes, for infrequent searches it’s enough, the main thing is to have one or two accounts in advance.
    2. Note: “Habraeffect” on the posted vacancies (so far?) Has not been noticed. (It was not checked by posting in the sandbox, by ordering thematic shows and at the stage of verification - posting in a personal blog)
    3. Reading thematic blogs, searching for authors. It requires a lot of time (uncritical for specialized IT companies, critical for agencies, but there are practically no them on the hub), relevance is quickly lost (you need to re-read it for a specific vacancy). On the other hand, you can easily find a “star” candidate (highly qualified, already established as a specialist) for a large project.

    PS Good luck to all job seekers!

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