A few tips for job seekers

    The time is now that the labor market is filled with a large number of IT-specialists. What is the reason, many, I think, know. A fairly large number of candidates respond to the vacancies of our company, in a couple of weeks several people have already got a job. Faced directly with the search for employees, I want to give a couple of simple tips for those who are still in search.

    1) Always indicate your contact phone number in the resume. Best of all is cellular.
    When you want to promptly invite a good person to a meeting, and only mail and / or ICQ are listed as a contact, this means that you will have to wait a long time for an answer.

    2) Indicate the name and surname.It’s very difficult for the head of the department or HR manager to navigate among the 10 “Dmitrievs” who responded to the resume. In the worst case, a person will simply “get lost” in the candidate database.

    3) Read the full job description. And if at the end of the text it is written that for this vacancy you need to attach a snippet of C ++ code to the resume - then believe that these are not empty words, and at best, they will contact you from the company with a request to send you the necessary information.

    4) When responding to vacancies that imply the presence of a portfolio - a web designer, layout designer, etc. - Do not forget to provide links to examples of your work , even if this is not written directly in the text of the vacancy.

    5) Make a resumeas advised by 1024 job sites. I recommend using “hh” as a standard. The applicant’s free story about himself (instead of a resume) is not a very convenient form of presentation for the head of the department, or an HR manager who finds and looks through 100-200 resumes a day.

    I promise that following these tips will speed up finding decent work.

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