HRC proposed to close foreign sites with dubious content

    State and InternetThe Presidential Council on Human Rights proposed amending the legislation to close sites located on foreign servers. This was reported on November 19 by the Izvestia newspaper . This time the pretext was the fight against fake certificates, diplomas and other legal documents.

    - All of Moscow is covered with advertisements for the sale of fake documents. It is necessary to restore order in this area. We need systematic measures to close foreign servers, amendments to the legislation to close sites registered outside of Russia. This is the same as the sites of contract killings and terrorist attacks - if they are detected, they cannot be closed, there are no such rights. This must be stopped, ”said the co-chair of the HRC and the head of the permanent commissions on migration policy and the protection of human rights in the field of interethnic relations, Yevgeny Bobrov.

    At the same time, Bobrov complained that the current norms (blacklists) are not effective enough, since foreign providers do not obey Russian laws and can ignore the requirement of law enforcement agencies and various departmental structures of the Russian Federation.

    The reaction from other structures was not long in coming: the deputy from the Communist Party faction Valentin Shurchanov and the member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky spoke out positively about this initiative, the deputy from the Just Russia faction Andrei Tumanov spoke out, indicating that the implementation of this proposal is impossible without construction of an analogue of the Great Chinese firewall.

    In my opinion, the most remarkable thing about this news is that the proposal to expand the prohibitions applicable to the Internet came from the Human Rights Council, a body called to protect these very rights.

    via SecurityLab

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