We are registered as a private entrepreneur in Ukraine

    Realizing the need to get out of the shadows or simply change the form of activity from an employee to a self-employed citizen, we come to the fact that we need to register as a private entrepreneur (PE, IP, SPD FOP). About how to register, what form of taxation to choose for an IT employee, how much and where to pay we read under the cut. In the end, the bonus “How to get money for opening from the Employment Center” (for paying taxes for the first time), what types of activities to choose according to the NACE, as well as several examples of typical documents are also attached. Only relevant for Ukraine.

    So, in order. The first thing we learn is where the “Center for the provision of administrative services” is located (Center for Administrative Services , pictured) They were supposed to open relatively recently - only this year. Previously, registration services were usually provided in the City Executive Committee. In this center is the state registrar. From him we need an extract from the register on registration (previously a Certificate was issued). In my case, at the entrance to the reception there were two pretty girls (it seems that they inserted the wrong picture :)) who ask what interests them. Having said that registration as a private entrepreneur is of interest (in Ukraine, this is FOP - physical person-private person), we get all the forms and an invoice for payment of 34 UAH. for registration. We pay at the bank (usually there is a branch right there). We fill them out at the racks near the samples - the usual questionnaire with personal data and fields for KVED (more about it later). We take in the terminal a ticket for the queue to the registrar to apply and wait. I did not have to wait long - about five minutes. And this is on the sofas, with free WiFi :) (four years ago it was a stuffy queue in a dark corridor for half a day). We are waiting for a call to the board, we go, we give the registrar an application, a copy of the TIN (do not forget to bring your passport and the original TIN with you). If, suddenly, a tax number certificate is lost or you change your place of registration from the moment you receive it, do not forget to get a new one in the tax. After a couple of signatures we are sent home and two days later they are waiting for a meeting again. We return on the indicated day, we take the coupon to your registrar. We are waiting for a call to the scoreboard, we approach the registrar, we pick up the statement and that's it! Now you are a private entrepreneur. More precisely, almost everything - then you need to register with the tax and pension. All this can be done in one day - more precisely in a couple of hours,

    About NACE (Classification of Economic Activities) in more detail. When registering as an emergency, you must decide what you will do. There should be no more than 6 types of activities (in reality, it is possible to have 20, but in the tax one is accepted as the main and 5 additional). It is better to write prozapas five, because if you do what you haven’t been notified about, you may experience inconvenience. At a minimum, they will force them to transfer to the general taxation system from the next quarter. But the activities at any time (if I am not mistaken, from the next quarter, after submitting the application) can be changed. At the moment, the NACE 2010 is relevant (before that it was 2005 and should be changed before the end of 2012). We are looking for the code and description here: kved.ukrstat.gov.ua/KVED2010/kv10_i.html. It is advisable to decide before going to the registrar and not to forget anything.
    What KVED will be useful to IT-shnik
    62.01 The
    computer program
    Tsey klas class including fragmentation, modification, test and technical training software.
    Tsey class including:
    • fragmentation of the structure and content and / or fragmentation of the system of commands needed for the goal and the vision:
    • system software security (including updated and updated)
    • application programs (including updates and updates)
    • database
    • website
    • adjustment of software protection, so that modification and configuration of software updates, such a way, that the only function within the framework of the information system of the client

    Consulting with food and information. The
    class includes planning and design, integration of computer systems, as well as hardware and software, and software and technology. You can also include the first steps to the coristic systems.

    . The collection of Danish, information and information on web sites and
    related activities. The class includes:
    • the need for infrastructure for hosting (hosting), a more complete list of information and communication technologies
    • Nadannya special services from the host (hosting), such as:
    • web hosting
    • streams of services
    • nadannya open space for the rozmіshchennya software dodatkіv
    • Nadannya web service із delivery of software dodatkіv
    • nadanny central EOM klіntam
    • Sobroblennya Danih:
    • povne obroblennya danykh, otrimanikh vіd klієnta
    • storage of specialized calls on the basis of tribute, acknowledgment of the key
    • nadannya servant z uvedennya danikh

    Web portals of
    Tsey klass including:
    • ceruvannya by websites, such as vikoristovuyut poshukі mehanіzmi zadlya otorennya p_dtrimki of great databases danykh Internet address and content in a manual format for joking
    • ceruvannyh by the websites, which function as a portal in measure of the Internet, of such as a medium site, periodically to update the information content

    58.29 Vidannya inshogo
    software protection
    Tsey class including:
    • Vidannya standard software security (system abo software dodatkіv), including yogo shift of adaptation for power rachunok:
    • operating systems
    • Business of the latest software

    View of the computer igor

    Tsey klass inclusiveє: View of the
    computer igor igor for all platforms

    74.10 Specialized
    design for the design of the

    Tsey klass classє:
    • a model of textile virobi, clothing, vzuttya, jeweler virobiiv, furniture and interior for interior, fashion model of the latest fashionable goods, as well as other items of a special corrugated
    • industrial design - development and fragmentation of design and technical characteristics, such as optimize visibility, flexibility and product design, including visualization of materials, mechanics, form, color and surface, as well as product characteristics, consumer characteristics, safety, market in process, service and service
    • dіalnіst graphic designers
    • design designer іnter'єru


    We go to the tax. The first step is to determine the tax system. Most likely, only the third form of single tax is suitable for IT employees. The first form involves working in the bazaar, the second - providing services only to the public and other state-of-the-art payers of a single tax, but prohibits the provision of services to legal entities. Although, if the specifics of the activity is such that it will not be necessary to provide services to legal entities, the second form will come down. The tax in the second form is fixed 200 UAH. in month Of the restrictions - the number of employees is not more than 10 people, the annual income should not exceed 1 million UAH. Once a year, you can take a "vacation" for a month and not pay this tax.
    The third form involves the possibility of providing services to legal entities. We can have up to 20 employees and income up to 3 million UAH. But here we are already paying not 200 UAH., But 5% of gross income once a quarter (3% if we are VAT payers ... but if you do not need to draw up it or don’t know what it is, then it’s better not to bother ... become a VAT payer You can always be in time).
    Here, now they have also simplified everything - we go in, ask where to go in order to register. We approach the right window and ask what is needed. We will be asked for a whole set of pieces of paper, folders, envelopes (which are usually sold somewhere nearby). We buy, fill out a single tax application, give it all back. We receive a 4-OPP certificate and a message stating that in a week you need to come and pick up a notebook for keeping records. They may be asked to make copies of the TIN and 4-OPP.
    That's it, now we have a unique opportunity to pay every 20th hryvnia (5%) to the state as a tax :)
    Please note - a single tax application must be written in the same monthwhen we registered (or better on the same day), otherwise they will put on the general taxation system. In general, it is better to start registration with a new month - because you don’t have time to work at the end, but you’ll have to pay the fees and taxes in full.

    We are going to retirement.The last institution to meet is the pension fund. We arrive there, give copies of the passport, TIN, 4-OPP. Copies can be made in advance in the tax office - which I did (and by the way - photocopying did not work in the pension office). They will also ask for a folder-folder (you can also take it in advance) and a subscription to the magazine "Pension Courier". If you don’t have any desire to read this magazine, you can not subscribe (ask / say that your grandmother is already signed) or sign up for relatives of retirement age - they may even be interested. Usually the pensioner is already aware that you are registered with the tax office and have already prepared everything, but you might not have time, because of which, you may have to wait. We pick up the notification and you're done.
    Now we are socially protected and canmust pay ERUs (one social contribution, here is more about it). The minimum ERU amount changes in accordance with the change in the minimum wage and amounts to 34.7% of it. So, in December 2012, it is 393.5 UAH. (1134 * 0.347). But you can pay more - the future pension will depend on this.
    ERUs for 2013
    January, February, March - 408.09 UAH. (from 1176 UAH)
    April, May, June, July, August, September - 412.93 UAH. (from 1190 UAH.)
    October, November - 421.61 UAH. (from 1215 UAH.)
    December - 426.81 UAH. (from 1230 UAH)

    Everything, now you can start working. And do not forget to return to the tax a week later for a notebook and certificate of single tax charge. The counterparties with whom you will work ask for a copy of the statement and certificate of registration for a single tax. If the certificate has not yet been given, but the number from which the application was written has already arrived, it can be sent to the partner later, as soon as you receive it (if you take the word that you are on the 3rd form). They need this kit to include your services in their costs.

    On the little things. Do not forget to submit reports and pay taxes , so as not to run into fines. A convenient calendar is here . For convenience, you can issue a digital signature in the taxand submit reports electronically to the tax and pension. You can submit reports through services, such as the one mentioned above, as well as through their software (best calls).
    We can also immediately go and open a bank account . Choose a bank with convenient online banking. Unfortunately, there is no better Privat in this area, but troubles with him do not bypass me either :( Perhaps someone will recommend banks with convenient Internet services for state of emergency.
    You can issue and print. We are looking for companies involved in their manufacture and turns to them. On average, printing costs 200-400 UAH. Printing is not required to work in Ukraine at all - unless you work with external contractors. For example, concluding an agreement with a Russian company, printing will be very helpful. If there is no print, when working with domestic companies, you can simply write B.P. (without printing) at the place of printing.

    We conclude the first contract. By registering everywhere, you can conclude contracts for the provision of services appropriate to your types of activity. Contract forms can be found on the Internet. TK can be attached to the contract (which is worth mentioning in the contract) as an appendix.
    Typical contract structure
    DOGOVIR No. 121212 (any unique number, it’s more convenient to simply write the date)
    on the website’s website (We write very, very carefully that would correspond to your types of activities according to the NACE. Tax can cause a lot of trouble)

    metro Kyiv 12, 2012 R.

    Private joint-stock company with an excluded vidpov_dalnistyu "FuBar", registered on 10/10/2010. for the address vul. Blabla, bud. 22, of. 666, in the special representative of Pupkin Vasyan Petrovich, given - Deputy, Yakiy on the side of the Statute, on one side, and on the
    other hand - on behalf of Khabrovchanin II, (on the other hand), 31 , stole the Agreement about offensive:


    1.1. The deputy is the assistant, and Vikonavets will take the goiters to carry out robots on the website’s website, and the site itself: website website design, layout, programming, information on the website of the Deputy .


    2.1. The price of the contract becomes 6 000 UAH. 00 kopecks (six hundred thousand hryvnias, 00 kopecks).
    2.2. Payment of payment is valid for 10 (ten) banking days upon completion of the project and written documents.
    2.3. All Banks Vitrati nese Deputy.


    3.1. Vikonannya robіt rozpochinaєsya pіslya pіpispisannya given to the contract. Vikonannya robіt is conducted on a daily basis with a calendar plan. Vikonannya robіt is depicted in Table 1.

    Table 1. Calendar. Weekend Robot
    No. Name Etapu / Robot Termini Weekend Robot for running robot

    3.2. About completing the work of the website through the website, Viconavets is guilty of causing the Deputy, instruct the website, demonstrate the right to administer, and keep them separate.
    3.3. Claims for further completion of the guilty buti represented by the Assistant of the calendar.
    3.4. As a rule, during the pre-presented robotic process, the need for additional upgrades was shown for the robots and robots, for the robots are required for the extra terms and conditions.
    3.5. Since the last hour of the Robot Weekend, the Deputy may be called in for the need to make winter reservations for the Robot, so that the winter is allowed for between the Parties between the boundaries of the given Robot.


    4.1. The Obligations of the Deputy:
    4.1.1. Spatiti robots Vikonavtsya at the forefront of the minds of the whole Agreement.
    4.1.2. (draw up your version of the contract and gradually refine it.)
    4.2. Obik'yazki Vikonavtsya:
    4.2.1. Vikonati all robots transferred to the minds of the entire Treaty during the thinking hour.
    4.2.2. ...


    5.1. The right of authority, volodinnya tsі іnshі maynovі rights to make the website belong (to whom) .
    5.2. Copyrights are reserved for the Assistant’s website, the Assistant, protec- tively, may be the site for the hair portfolio, so much so.
    5.3. ... (right to use, etc.)


    6.1. For accuracy and reliability of information, downloads on the web site of the Deputy, and the special offer of the Deputy.
    6.2. All super suites that are non-disruptive, so that you can win the Agreement under the agreement because they have to speak with you, flaunt your way through negotiations between the Parties.


    7.1. The deputy and the deputy of the ranks at different times have been furnished with non-rebuilding force and no need to stay outside.
    7.2. Settle down, not to lie down in front of the house, get involved in falls, to ring out in the night, as if they had come to us in an agreement and to enforce it for the private weekend.
    7.3. For understandable reasons, they were forced to cajole on respect and respect, they didn’t know how to sign the Agreement for one hour, they wished to cross the agreement, they couldn’t negotiate , the yak was overwhelmed by the flood of non-rebuilding power.
    7.4. Non-rebuilding efforts are required to be arranged in such a way as to ensure that battles, insurrection, mobility, rejuvenation, poetry, authority, and general competence are required. non-rebuilding force.


    8.1. The terms and conditions of the Agreement and the renewal of the Agreement may be more favorable for the cold, two Storin and vipadah directly transmitted by the Agreement.
    8.2. Initiative about the replacement of minds Agreement to okremich put until the end of the line dії may be suspended by any Party.
    8.3. Zmіna Umov Agreement Chi okremich provision and the addition of an additional subscription to the Agreement to be a hat as a sign of additional land between the Parties. Zmіni і additional addition of the minds laid down by the Agreement are drawn up at the same order in which the Agreement itself is executed.
    8.4. Tsey Treaty pripinyaє his dіyu pіslya zakіnchenchennya termіnu yogo dії.
    8.5. Kozna іz Storіn maє right to break the Agreement at times unavailable to your side of your goiters, having agreed on the price for 14 (fourteen) days in a written view of the Party. Payment pidlyagayut actually vikonanі robots at the time of submission povdomlennya about breaking the Agreement. In such a vikonanie robots, the act is assigned to the act of freezing one by one to the oath of the vikonanich robot.
    8.6. The plea for a rose to the Agreement shall be formalized in a protocol, or an unilateral bilateral document.


    9.1. The Agreement entered into force at the time of the first signing of the Oboma by the Parties.
    9.2. The agreement is to be settled voluntarily, in the letters of form in 2 primaries, one of whom is to be found at the Deputy, and the last to be lost at Vikonavtsya. Offending primіrnik mayayut rivna legal force.
    9.3. Tsey Treaty vvazhaetsya more than less for the signs of obor Storin, zavіrenimymi seals Storin.
    9.4. The entire rank and file of the additional additions to the Treaty of the New Independent Party.
    9.5. All is acceptable, it is advisable to agree to this Agreement, and we’ll recommend that you write to us in writing and that it’s recommended.


    10.1. The contract for the collection of officials at the time of the signing of the catering by the Parties and until the next weekend by the Parties of their goiters for the Agreement.


    DEPUTY (left)
    Name, addresses, ЄDRPOU, r / r i bank with MFO, place for signature, seal and name of director

    VIKONAVETS (right)

    m. Kyiv, vul. Blabla 55, apt. 66
    Passport ser_ChCh 123456, visions of kim, if
    ЄDRPOU 314159265 (write TIN)
    account number, where is the MFI of the bank, place for signature and seal and your name (if there is no seal, we write B.P.)

    To pay you money, you need to issue an Account to the counterparty (a document that is not burdened with formalities, which indicates your bank details and amount).
    Typical account
    FOP your full name

    Rakhunok number 1 vіd 12/21/12 p. (center)

    paysites: Private aktsіonerna kompaniia of obmezhenoyu vіdpovіdalnіstyu

    Otrimuvach: FOP your name

    Rekvіziti otrimuvacha: FOP your name , EDRPOU 314159265 (your TIN)
    p / p number in the name of the bank branch , an MFI number

    number Naymenuvannya Hotel Suma, UAH .
    1 Overpayment for the development of the site from contract No. 121212, dated 12.12.12. 6 000,00
    net of VAT - Vsogo to splat 6 000,00

    Shist tisyach UAH 00 kopіyok

    ____________________ your name

    Confirmation that the contract has been completed (as well as, usually, the basis for payment) is the Act of completion.
    An example of an act of completion
    The act of
    accepting these services
    to Contract No. 121212, dated 12.12.2012 p.

    m. Kiev

    12.21.2012 p.

    DEPUTY OFFICE: Private equity company secured by the “FuBar” vidpovidnalstu, registered on 10/10/2010. for the address vul. Blabla, bud. 22, of. 666, in the special representative of Pupkin Vasyan Petrovich, given - Deputy, on one side of the Statute, on one side,
    VIKONAVETS: Person on behalf of the first, second, first, 65, Party, laid off the Act on those who owe Vikonavets in full liability and due
    diligence to have their goiters and workers obligated. Agreement No. 121212 dated 12.12.2012 p.

    Vagalist service is irrelevant:
    UAH 6,000.00 (Six hundred thousand hryvnias 00 kopecks). Without MPE.
    The parties shall not claim.

    Signatures of the parties:


    ___________________ Name of the representative of the customer


    ____________________ Your full name

    Keep contracts and acts. Pay taxes according to them. And may the force come with you;)

    How to get financial assistance from an employment center (bonus)

    So, if you have officially worked for at least half a year in the past year, and have not been registered as a private entrepreneur in the past two years, and the deadlines for registration do not last (it will take three months) - this section is for you.
    The Employment Center offers assistance in starting a business, which consists of short courses in entrepreneurship, a couple of lecture-classes from the tax and the employment center itself and financial assistance in the amount of several thousand hryvnias to several tens of thousands of hryvnias. Financial assistance is the amount of benefits for all months that are due to you (12 months if you quit for good reason, 9 months if you wish). Minimum amount according to the regulation- 544 UAH That is, the minimum 4896 UAH. (544 * 9) can always be obtained. To estimate more accurately, you need to familiarize yourself with this document (Article 23). Help depends on the article of dismissal (as already noted), seniority and salary.
    So, briefly and to the point. First, we make a standard set of copies - passport, TIN, labor (all pages with entries). We go to the local Employment Center early in the morning, take a passport, a job and register as unemployed. You have a week to find a job (usually they don’t look for IT specialists through the central office, so it’s unlikely to be found) and take a statement of income from a previous job. It is also necessary to go to any bank and ask to issue a social card for the employment center(by the time of accrual it is necessary that it would be already ... if they were registered at their own request, help starts from the 91st day and you can not rush - if by reduction, then from the 7th you need to immediately open an account). Come again to the inspector in a week (a coupon for a specific day and month will be issued for each subsequent appointment). Officially become unemployed. Immediately say that you want help in starting your own business. Now the inspector will send you to the seminars - go, note. Usually this is an introductory seminar, perhaps a meeting with the tax authorities for an educational program. Somewhere a month after the start of the adventure, you should be sent to a 2-week entrepreneurship course - how does it work for someone (or you will always have to go, or you can ask for help). Listen, study, and during these two weeks we write a business plan (it took me an evening to write ... after which they said that it was necessary to simplify and no IRR, WACC and other financial things (which, by the way, I like) should not be considered, and profitability is somehow more modest to calculate). They will give you a sample, but to enter the necessary data to a technical person, I think, is not a problem. After two weeks, we protect the business plan, get a certificate (immediately make a copy for the Employment Center). We still go according to the schedule to the inspector (once a month) and wait for they will be invited to the employment center by phone to protect the business plan. After we have been informed - go ahead, defend before the commission. In a day or two (they’ll say) come and get acquainted with the order (usually everyone is protected) and you have 10 days to register as an emergency. Strongly do not pull (remember, two days you need to wait for discharge) We still go according to the schedule to the inspector (once a month) and wait for they will be invited to the employment center by phone to protect the business plan. After we have been informed - go ahead, defend before the commission. In a day or two (they’ll say) come and get acquainted with the order (usually everyone is protected) and you have 10 days to register as an emergency. Strongly do not pull (remember, two days you need to wait for discharge) We still go according to the schedule to the inspector (once a month) and wait for they will be invited to the employment center by phone to protect the business plan. After we have been informed - go ahead, defend before the commission. In a day or two (they’ll say) come and get acquainted with the order (usually everyone is protected) and you have 10 days to register as an emergency. Strongly do not pull (remember, two days you need to wait for discharge)
    If you passed the Employment Center, you immediately need to ask the registrar for a duplicate of the original statement (for those 34 UAH. Another 17 UAH.) For the Employment Center (you can have a notarized copy, but it is much more expensive). In the tax, you need to make a regular copy of the 4-OPP form, and in the pension you also need to request a duplicate for the Employment Center. We bring all three documents to the Employment Center, wait a week or two for the balance of the amount of assistance to the card. We receive, celebrate and go check in at the employment center (if there were kind to you, you can take a chocolate bar :)).

    I apologize for the many letters and few pictures, but I hope someone comes in handy. If there are amendments, comments and additions - write to the PM.

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