The State Duma wants to prohibit the use of anonymizers

    It was with such an initiative that Deputy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) came forward. According to him, this innovation is a logical step after the sensational bill 89417-6, which says about the creation of black lists of sites, access to which will be limited. His colleague Sergey Zheleznyak (ER) also agrees with him:

    “Of course, the decisions we have made recently in the field of information security of users on the Internet are not our latest initiatives,” Zheleznyak assures. - We are going to continue to fight with the “harmful” content of our networks, including software that allows us to somehow mask Internet crimes.

    Proxies, anonymizers, VPN, Tor, I2P, and other anonymization tools may be prohibited.

    As a punishment for this serious offense, it is planned to apply measures such as blocking access to the Internet through an ISP or very real monetary fines.

    via Izvestia.RU

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