The Ukrainian court issued a verdict, taking screenshots of the forum as evidence

    The precedent justifying the glory of Odessa as the capital of humor occurred in one of the courts of the Odessa region - the judge ruled in the case of compensation for moral damage, taking as evidence of an administrative offense notarized screenshots of the forum, on which, in fact, “insults” appeared that led to the proceedings .

    A certain McKenley construction company, working under the auspices of one of the local deputies, in 2006 received a 33-hectare long-term lease of land in the Comintern district of Odessa region (this is the coastal region of the Black Sea) for 50 years for development on “dubious conditions” subject to relocation locals.

    Local activists of the village of Fontanka, on the territory of which the construction was supposed to begin, at the forum began to criticize the company's management with a rather detailed analysis of its activities. As far as you can understand, we are talking about this resource - it was not possible to determine the “insulting” post itself, because there are a lot of negative entries there.

    As a result, a local resident of the village of Fontanka was sentenced by a court decision to pay 15,000 hryvnias (about $ 1900) in fine to the McKenley company, and - the most curious - the notary certified screenshots of the forum mentioned above served as evidence in the case. Also, but smaller amounts, three more local residents of Internet activists must pay. Moreover, apparently, the lack of evidence that the owner of the account on the forum and the real person against whom the lawsuit was filed is the same person, the judge was not interested.

    Convicted by a court decision indignant:

    So you can award me anything: up to extremism! After all, anyone could register under my name, in any forum and then write different clauses. And if someone registered under the nickname “Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych” [ President of Ukraine - author. ], then the Comintern court would have fined the president? "

    For all the tragicomic nature of this situation, one cannot help but recall Judge Alsop, who was examining the pitiful business between Apple and Samsung and once again thinking about how firmly the Internet has entered people's daily lives on the one hand, and how little people are familiar with who should accept reasonable and legal decisions related to its specifics.

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