Telecommunications Workers Union claims to be 0.3% of the salary fund of all IT companies

    The Mikhalkov case lived, lives and will live. In general, they survived. In just a couple of weeks, all IT companies that didn’t get on time will be required to pay a rent of 0.3% to an unknown trade union of communication workers ( see the important update below ).

    From the publication of the Russian Newspaper of August 3, 2012:

    “To employers of communication organizations and information technologies of the Russian Federation N 14-0 / 10 / 2-679 of July 26, 2012”

    Date of official publication: August 3, 2012
    Published: August 3, 2012 in the “RG” - Federal issue No. 5850

    At the federal level, the Federal Industry Agreement on Telecommunications and Information Technology Organizations of the Russian Federation for 2012-2014 was concluded between the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Supervision of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, the Federal Telecommunications Agency and the Public Organization Trade Union communication workers of Russia.

    The agreement passed notification registration with the Federal Service for Labor and Employment (dated February 3, 2012 N 194 / 12-14), published in the journal "Labor Protection and Economics" (N 2 (7) 2012) and posted on the official website Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia (, as well as published in the journal "Industrialist of Russia" and the newspaper "Solidarity".

    In accordance with article 48 (part 7) of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, I invite employers of the industry who did not participate in the conclusion of this agreement to join it.

    I draw your attention to the fact that if, within 30 calendar days from the date of the official publication of this proposal, the Russian Ministry of Labor by employers who did not participate in the conclusion of the agreement will not submit a reasoned written refusal to join the agreement in accordance with article 48 (part 8) of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation then the agreement will be considered extended to these employers.

    Minister M. Topilin

    According to Art. 377 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federationthe agreement will only apply to employees who join the union or upon their written application. Those who are not members of the union and have not written statements seem to be in danger. Thanks to the colleagues who clarified the situation below in the comments. But extra vigilance in relations with our state will never, I think, hurt.

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