Another Ukrainian online store is being searched

    Yesterday's story with the seizure of the servers of the largest Ukrainian online store was not an isolated case. According to LigaBusinessInform , today security forces are searching the office of online store, the second largest online store in Ukraine. At the moment, the seizure of documents in the office of the store. It is reported that the search is carried out by tax police, but the tax refutes this information. The store website is still working.

    Yesterday, tax officials said they were working on several Internet projects, and not just on, and today a scheme was posted on the Facebook tax pageaccording to which, according to tax officials, online stores evaded taxation.

    UPD: As the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported at 18:12, the leadership of agreed to compensate the damage caused to the state and, according to part 4 of article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, may be exempted from criminal liability. The tax incriminates the owners of the "Rosette" tax evasion in the amount of more than 7 million hryvnia (slightly less than a million dollars).

    UPD2: Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov writes on his Facebook page :
    Recently, I had a meeting with the head of the Tax Service of Ukraine Klimenka, and we agreed that the Tax Service will significantly intensify its work to achieve a tax compromise for entrepreneurs and significantly reduce tax pressure on business.

    UPD3: It turned out that the search was carried out not by the tax office, but by the department for combating economic crimes (OBEP) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

    UPD4: The news agency on Friday night reported that the director of the Rosetka, Vladislav Chechetkin, did not know that he allegedly agreed to pay the tax of 7 million hryvnias and was outraged that the tax demanded to pay money without a court order. “Such issues in civilized countries are decided by lawyers in court, not by forceful capture,” he says. On his Facebook page, he also writes that they tried to detain him on the street yesterday.

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