Google and the bank solved the problem in an unnamed way

    The bank, responsible for accidentally sending confidential information to the mail address of an unknown client of the Gmail service and convincing the judge to issue an order ordering Google to deactivate the corresponding account, solved the problem together with the search giant, after which both companies filed a motion to dismiss the case.

    Google representative Andrew Pederson (Andrew Pederson) declined to comment on how the problem was solved, as, however, and name the owner of the account. He explained that at the initial request of the bank to identify the user, the company replied that for this it would be necessary to obtain an appropriate court order. Such a ruling was issued by the San Jose District Court of California last week andwas executed .

    “After notifying the account holder, we complied with the court order. However, as a result of cooperation with Rocky Mountain Bank and the court, we resolved the issue regarding the bank’s mistake, and both sides agreed to annul the restraining order (SRW) and dismiss the case, ”he said.

    "Although we regret that the user was blocked through no fault of his own, we have no legal opportunity to activate the account until the court approves our request to dismiss the case and annul the restraining order (TPO)," Pederson added. . “We hope that the court will act promptly, and as soon as the application is granted, we will activate the account.”

    ... CNET News reports

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