Music as an incentive for work

Many of us often asked ourselves the question: how to improve work on the Internet? Yes, I myself read a lot of articles on Megamind on this subject, but I came to the only true conclusion - not everything depends on time. Many methods are aimed specifically at controlling time, analyzing productivity, various approaches to limiting bad habits of Facebook contacts, and more. Let's look at a trivial thing that can improve Internet browsing without much effort and requirements - music .

We all understand that part of the working time should be wasted for two reasons:
1. Our brain is not perfect (like human nature).
2. Our work is not continuous.
In order to relieve stress a bit, feel the emotions during work and not crave them after, listen to music . Needless to say, it’s always worth using the advantages of freelance. Your boss does not stand above the soul, corporate ethics does not bind with a dress code or work environment, so we act for the good of ourselves. Even after stationary work, my manager after 16 hours insisted on attracting “musical enthusiasm” to the work process.

What does Wikipedia say about the beneficial effects of music?
Pythagoras was absolutely sure that “earthly” music is a manifestation of the Cosmic Harmony of Spheres, and for this reason, the sound of exalted “human” music is able to create the same harmonic order in the human inner world as “world music” creates in Space.

Why listen to music at work?

Calm music can relieve stress, relax, cause an emotional upsurge. Each person is individual, so it makes no sense to single out a specific genre. Just listen to what you like.

Recently I started listening to lana del rey , new tracks increase productivity at times, especially when at night the body slowly tunes in to sleep. It is very easy for each of us to test on our own experience, having spent a workday with and without music. The main thing is not to forget that the music should be background, not too loud.

Myths about music at work

There is an opinion that music distracts from work. But this is only in an isolated room, which many of us imagine when we say “at work”. In fact, we constantly need a sound barrier. For example, I’m madly annoyed by the repair at the neighbors, the constant drilling behind the wall, and only headphones and my favorite track help to protect myself from this.

Choosing a playlist for freelance

I was not immediately able to navigate the optimal selection, so I experimented a lot. The only rule that I followed was peace of mind, and I reach it by listening to classics, operas, playing the violin, pop, jazz, blues, sometimes soul. The track should not be distracting, because I use many rock compositions only with monotonous work, where it is almost impossible to make a mistake.

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