The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal # 20


    If you hate your CMS , then this May is the time to look at alternatives. We, in turn, lovingly selected for you a couple of dozen useful links for learning Drupal. Inside the poll!

    In Russian

    1. Enough tolerating this! A great honest review of the approaches to creating landing pages from the co-author of the k0teg digest .
    2. No less useful material from Nikita Malyshev. The founding father of shares his approach to displaying Drupal sites based on Display Suite .
    3. Habr interested in licensing issues: FAQ FAQ for licensing Drupal , FAQ FAQ Backdrop for licensing .
    4. A bit of a good old seven: Working with a clean Token API . It’s important to understand how it works, but in practice it can be convenient to immediately integrate with the Entity API and its built-in token support.
    5. To other news. @xandeadx got hold of a PhpStorm license and immediately started writing notes on this topic . We never wrote anything like that, but the behavior of the author of the blog makes us very angry and outraged. When will there be notes on Drupal 8 ?! :)

    Drupal 6

    Drupal 6 is no longer supported. Nevertheless, Why it is NOT necessary to drop everything and urgently update from the six? For example, because someone can earn money from supporting the old version of Drupal. Three companies that officially provide such a service have committed to posting all the patches on in the Drupal 6 Long Term Support project, specially established for this purpose . If you have six projects, you should subscribe to the Issue Queue of this project.

    Drupal 7

    1. Another ode to Paragraphs , this time from the point of view of efficiency of restrictions in the interface.
    2. Test yourself: what library is not in the core of the seven? Answer options: jQuery Cookie, jQuery BBQ, jQuery Joyride, Farbtastic. Hint .
    3. The profiling service is gaining popularity. A simple use case can be found on the EvolvingWeb blog.
    4. We show the confirmation dialog when you press the AJAX button .
    5. Another series of articles on Scald begins . Last time we talked about this module in issue # 2 .

    Drupal 8

    1. 8.1.0 released : Composer, Migrate, BigPipe. A little bit about the release in simple words .
    2. Poll : How's the G8 doing? Yesterday, Dries revealed the results of his poll, "If you have * not * used or migrated to Drupal 8, why not?" We have prepared the same survey for our latitudes.
    3. Added JS support to tests . The first example of such a test can be found in the Toolbar module.
    4. The community is actively sharing working examples of using Migrate: Drupal to Drupal 8 via Migrate API , Bringing files along for the ride to D8 .
    5. Video that {{kint ()}} can be used inside Twig templates if you have Devel enabled . And in order not to reset the entire cache with minimal template changes, it is recommended to put the site in development mode and watch this video .
    6. Programmatically creating a taxonomy term . A simple example from the author @ font-your-face .
    7. Snippet with an example of using the traditional Cache API in the eight.
    8. Content Staging State in Drupal 8: Improving Drupal's content workflow . The topic is bold and important, so Dries himself writes. In parallel, a similar solution for the seven is being developed .
    9. The first major build is Thunder . Again, Dries announces .
    10. Especially for the Frontrup United conference , a module with the speaking name Offline Application was developed . See the article Taking a (Drupal 8) website offline using AppCache for details .

    Business and Community

    1. Why Paid Drupal Modules Fail: Drupal as Art . Powerful. Long. To read. Comments. Podcast .
    2. Work is in full swing at the front of improvements: Restructuring , A new design system for .
    3. News for HR: Larry Garfield (the man in the vest) ended his career at , and kalabro (co-author of the digest) ended her career at SystemSeed. Come on! :)
    4. An example of a Drupal shop promotion through The Faichi Story: From Unknown Drupal Shop to Top 10 in 6 Months . Despite the clear propaganda focus of the article, one cannot but agree that focusing on contributing through can really help build a team culture and unity, increase its professional level and create a positive image of the company on

    Tools & DevOps

    1. Every web developer should plant a tree in his life, write a CMS and create his own image for local development . This time, the option "All Inclusive" (Nginx + PHP 7 + Xdebug + Drush / Drupal Console + MySQL) from Chi .
    2. Wunderkraut shared their development for the deployment of the eight: Dropcat .
    3. A lot of Drupal Console , which appeared with the advent of Symfony and is gradually becoming the best friend of the Drupal. Firstly, a beautiful cheatsheet:
    4. Secondly, a video tutorial on how to write modules for the eight using the drupal console. The author of the video got up early to do a good thing for the community.
    5. Integration with Drush is still moving hard .


    1. Service Container
      After eight, writing on the seven is difficult. Modules like Service Container come to the rescue.
    2. Entity Print
      Print to PDF for 7/8. The article .
    3. Responsive and off-canvas menu
    4. Node view count
      Replacing Statistics when you need to count views in Drupal.
    5. Coffee
      Administrative module for Spotlight fans in the poppy.
    6. Alexa
      Integration with Amazon's voice interface.
    7. Field Location
      A new location module based on the Google Map API and Client-side hierarchical select.
    8. Component Libraries
      The module allows you to neatly lay out Twig-templates for the component folders of your theme.
    9. Expand collapse formatter
      A simple JS-formatter for Show More text.
    10. Search Kint
      Search for Devel Kint output.

    That's all for today. Oleg Kot and Katya Marshalkina worked on the release . Do not forget to vote in the survey and subscribe to our newsletter !

    PS Wow, this is the twentieth edition!

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