Anton Arkhipov about effective work with IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity on

    On November 1, 2018, Anton Arkhipov spoke at a meeting of the Moscow Java-developers community at , talking about the use of techniques and new features of JetBrains products - IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity .

    About speaker

    Anton until recently worked at the ZeroTurnaround company , including many interesting articles in the company's blog . A year ago, I joined JetBrains (whose products we all love, using them every day), now working on TeamCity there .

    Co-founder and co-organizer of the DevClub community , existing in Tallinn since 2008. He had a great influence on the creation of (a detailed account of this ), speaking at the first meeting on February 25, 2012 ( announcement , video ).

    Permanent co-host of the podcast Debriefing . In issue 18Alexey Abashev took an hour-long interview with Anton on April 17, 2012 at the JavaOne Russia conference , after a while Anton became the co-host of almost every issue.

    Frequent speaker at conferences, in particular those held by the Group . Some of his reports are in chronological order:

    • "Apache Camel" ( DevClub-2009 : video )
    • "Ping-Pong Programming" ( DevClub-2009 : video )
    • “Pimp My IDEA!” ( DevClub-2011 : video )
    • “Scripts in Java applications” ( Joker 2013 : presentation )
    • "Java Class Loaders: Rake Collection" ( : video )
    • "Java-agents, Instrumentation API and Javassist" ( : video )
    • "In the head of the product manager" ( DevClub-2014 : video )
    • Java Agents ( Øredev 2015 : video )
    • “Talk about IDE” ( DevClub-2015 : video )
    • “Effective work with IDE (A)” ( Joker 2016 : presentation , video )
    • “Javassist in the service of a Java developer” ( JPoint 2015 : presentation , video )
    • “Go!” ( DevClub-2015 : video )
    • “Build Tools for Build - Maven vs Gradle vs SBT” ( JPoint 2016 : video )
    • “How to make a profiler from sticks ... and other available tools” ( JPoint 2016 : video )
    • “Baytkod for inquisitive” ( JPoint 2016 Student Day : video )
    • "Inadequate Java interview" ( DevClub-2017 : video )
    • “From HotSwap to Java Agents: Hot Swapping Classes” ( : video )
    • "Integration Testing and TestContainers" ( DevClub-2017 : video )

    Other links: Twitter , GitHub , SpeakerDeck presentations , technical blog Code Impossible .

    About the report

    Andrei Kogun opens the meeting and represents Anton. The first part of the meeting, Anton devoted to demonstrating the effective use of the everyday tool of the Java-developer - the development environment IntelliJ IDEA . Acceleration and optimization of daily and routine activities are very impressed. Despite the fact that I constantly use IntelliJ IDEA on a daily basis , I did not know a lot - I will definitely review the video. In the second part, attention was paid to TeamCity : a review was made of the product features, recently appeared new products, the announcement of future improvements and improvements. The story was illustrated with a lively demonstration.

    As always, there was an opportunity to talk and ask questions to the speaker. In addition, such meetings are always accompanied and the participants communicate with each other, which is also pleasant and useful. Mini-presentation of the first part and the presentation of the second part . Photos from the meeting will be here soon . The video will appear on YouTube (with the announcement on VK and Google+ ). You can subscribe to the announcement of the next meeting .

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