[Ekaterinburg, announcement] Mitap for Java-developers

    We have already written what JUG.EKB is and why we hold meetings for Java developers . Today we announce the next meeting.

    This time we will hold a mitap on the last day of winter, February 28. We will see off the winter, listen to the reports, discuss them, chat and eat pizza :-)

    What has changed in JUG.EKB

    Since last meeting, we have made small but important changes.

    First, we have “grown up” to a large conference room. When we were a little over 60 people, we were going to coworking or in a loft. And now there are more than 100 of us, and in Yekaterinburg there are no lofts of this size.


    Secondly, we have a logo! We combined Java and Ekaterinburg. Just in case, we add that the inscription EKATERINBURG is the official logo of the city.


    What are the reports in the program

    • Stop tolerating it: we are introducing SpringBoot straight into the big legacy project
      Andrei Arkaev (Naumen, Yekaterinburg)

    The Java world has changed a lot with the advent of SpringBoot and has significantly alleviated the lives of Java developers in many aspects. And everything would be fine, but when you have a huge 12-year code base and 140 different installations in production, you can often only dream about it.
    We decided that we didn’t want to live like this, and implemented SpringBoot. At the meeting, we will talk about what specifically inspired us to change, how to prepare ourselves and the team, what problems we had to face and what we ended up with.

    • Big Enterprise application for a small company Vladimir Yanchenko (Naumen, Ekaterinburg)

    16 cores and 24 GB of memory is an average application server for our Enterprise product. And what to do if there is only 2 GB of memory, 1 core and a great desire to run it in production?
    From the report you will learn about the architecture of our cloud platform, why we decided to save on resources and how it was implemented, what problems await with the support of 300+ java applications and what is needed to quickly solve these problems.

    • Building a microservice application on Netflix OSS by
      Peter Popov (Tinkoff, Moscow)

    “I'll tell you a little about Eureka, Zuul, Ribbon, Feign, Hystrix and about problems solved by the stack. As part of the live coding session, I'll show you how to make an application using the stack. ”

    When : February 28, Thursday, 19:30 (check-in at 19-00)
    Where : Yekaterinburg, Novotel conference hall, Engels 7, 2nd floor

    Participation, as always, is free, you only need to register .

    Join us on VK , watch videos from past meetings on Youtube .

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