GitHub purchase completed. What will happen next?

Original author: Nat Friedman
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Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub has been completed. Recently, the new GitHub CEO, Nat Friedman, shared the introductory announcement that we post here. Details about the future of service under the cut.

I am pleased to share the fact that the acquisition of Microsoft GitHub is complete. Monday October 29th is my first day as CEO. Millions of people rely on GitHub every day, and I am proud to be able to lead this company.

When we announced the purchase in June, I shared two principles for GitHub, which should be fixed in understanding:

  • GitHub will work in three independent paradigms: as a community, platform and business. This means that GitHub will retain its value to developers, the characteristic community spirit and openness. We will always support developers in choosing any language, license, tool, platform or cloud.
  • GitHub will keep its philosophy. We love GitHub for taking care of developers. I understand and respect this, and I know for sure that we will continue to create beautiful, fast, reliable tools that developers love.

Ultimately, my goal is to make GitHub better for you.

I spent the past few months meeting hundreds of developers. The passion for GitHub is amazing - both in areas where we succeed and in areas where you want us to do more. I learned a lot from this interaction with the developers. Communicating with our users will be a major part of GitHub work.

Three goals will be our main goal:

  • Make GitHub the best place to create productive communities and teams;
  • Make GitHub available to developers around the world;
  • Reliability, safety and performance.

To begin with, we’ll focus on improving the daily use practices of GitHub, as well as expanding our paper cuts project together . We will improve basic tasks such as searching, notifications, issues / projects and the platform on mobile devices. And, of course, GitHub Actions. We really want to make them widespread.

We believe in the power of the community. As the world's largest developer community, GitHub brings together more than 31 million developers who can create, work, share and unite.

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