How to turn your old mobile phone into a home security system

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Although smartphones are constantly improving, it is known that when we change our device to a new one, we can still use our old device and take advantage of this before finally putting it somewhere in the box.

In addition to the numerous options for using your old mobile phone, which you must have looked at more than once, one of the startup companies suggested turning our old smartphones into sophisticated security systems : all you need to do to do this isUse the Olmose app.

Now its creators are searching for financing on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform . During February, they will try to raise 100,000 euros, necessary for the implementation of the project.

Thanks to help from Olmose, old mobile phones will become eyes and ears that will continue to monitor the situation in your home while you are not there. First you need to install the application on your old phone and on a new phone that you use everyday - it will become a control center.

The old smartphone will identify any movement or sound, as a result of which the alarm will sound on the new smartphone if someone tries to get into your house.

In addition to these notifications, the application will record and upload to the cloud everything that is captured on the phone’s camera.

In addition to this anti-theft function, this application is also designed for parents who want to watch their child, as well as for car enthusiasts who would like to control their cars : all that is needed is to leave your old mobile phone with the application turned on in the glove compartment car, as a result of which you can always determine the location of the car if it is stolen.

This service will not be free, but if the crowdfunding campaign is successful and Olmose manages to breathe a second life into old phones, those who want to use them as a surveillance camera will have to pay about 24 euros for a lifetime service.

However, taking part in a crowdfunding campaign, a potential user can get a license for only 20 euros - this is the minimum contribution that can be made to the Kickstarter project, so that you can then use it for free.

If all goes well, Olmose will be in app stores around the world for the next few months and will save a lot of old phones. So the old smartphone can still be useful, and although it may not be as cool as the new device, it will be able to help you in case of theft.

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