DJI Announces Mavic 2 Enterprise - A Powerful Tool For Professionals

    Mavic 2 Enterprise brings the opportunity to work in the air, to every professional, thanks to the camera with zoom, modular design, enhanced security level.

    DJI is the world leader in civilian drone and aerial photography technology announced by DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise , a portable drone with unique powerful features designed for business, government, training, and other professionals who need a reliable everyday tool to help do better work.

    Designed for those who want to use droning technology in their work, DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise is an ultra-compact and foldable copter with an advanced control system and accessories that enhance users in critical situations, such as fire fighting, rescue services, law enforcement. as well as infrastructure inspection (buildings, facilities).

    “The new DJI mapper, Mavic 2 Enterprise, makes powerful technologies available to every company and transforms their work,” says DJI President Roger Luo. “Mavic 2 Enterprise is the most affordable commercial drone in the world, capable of serving the needs of both our industrial partners and companies that are just getting ready to become familiar with drone technology. DJI devices and software set the standards for the aeronautical industry around the world, and Mavic 2 Enterprise is the most compact, reliable and secure tool that can help professionals integrate drones into their work. ”

    Powerful optical system with 2x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom

    DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise has a stabilized high resolution camera of 12 megapixels mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for smooth and stable video and photos. Designed for dynamic shooting, the camera expands the pilot's capabilities with 2x optical and 3x digital zoom. Zooming technology allows you to extend the applicability of drones in inspecting dangerous and inaccessible objects, as well as help rescue services protect lives and property.

    Modular system that extends the capabilities of the drone

    Mavic 2 Enterprise received new accessories that are mounted on the case and are controlled directly through the application. These accessories open up new opportunities for pilots, help communicate and work in the air, make a simple shooting tool a configurable platform for increasing productivity in the air.

    The Mavic 2 Enterprise drone received the following accessories:

    M2E Spotlight  - A double flashlight with a total brightness of 2400 lm, which is designed to help operators when working in the dark. The searchlight is ideal for search operations, rescue and inspection.

    M2E Speaker  - A speaker with a maximum power of 100 dB (at a distance of 1m) allows pilots to play up to 10 prerecorded recordings, creates a communication channel with those who may be in a critical situation.

    M2E Beacon  - Beacon, developed in accordance with US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Night Waiver standards. The beacon is a high brightness strobe, visible from a distance of up to 3 miles. It should help pilots do their work in low light or at night and make flights safer by adding additional visibility to operators of other drones and traditional aircraft.

    Advanced data protection features

    Mavic 2 Enterprise received new protection functions for photos, videos, flight logs and other data received during the flight. First in the industry, Mavic 2 Enterprise received 24GB of onboard memory and password protection protecting access to all the functions of the drone and the data it contains. When password protection is enabled, users need to enter it each time to activate the drone, attach the control panel and access the storage on board, providing exclusive access and improved security. This prevents access to the drone and storage, even if it is in the wrong hands.

    The new GPS time reference function encodes the time, date and location of each recorded image, helping pilots and ensures that the data obtained by the unmanned aerial vehicle can be objective and used in situations involving important infrastructure checks and used in legal proceedings.

    In addition, Mavic 2 Enterprise users with enhanced security can use local data storage mode, which does not allow a mobile device to send or receive data over the Internet. This provides additional security when performing tasks for government services and in “sensitive areas”.

    Enhanced airspace security

    Each Mavic 2 Enterprise has support for DJI AirSense technology, which helps pilots to be aware of the surrounding situation in the airspace and increase aviation security. AirSense uses an integrated receiver that automatically alerts the drone pilot when an ADS-B signal is received from nearby airplanes and helicopters, providing real-time notifications through the DJI Pilot app.

    This provides an additional level of security for professional UAV operators who fly in crowded airspace or participate in complex operations, such as extinguishing fires, disaster areas and infrastructure monitoring. DJI AirSense is a key system that helps ensure that drones are a safe addition to the sky.

    “In Devon and Cornwall and Dorset, I see that drones are being used more and more often,” said James Rees, sergeant for the Alliance Drone (Devon and Cornwall Police). “They provide an opportunity to look at the incident from a distance, and then more effectively and with less risk to cope with the situation. The Alliance Drone team and I are confident that the functionality of the new Mavic 2 Enterprise will be able to help in a wide variety of police operations. ”

    Video on how the police work with Mavic 2 Enterprise

    Designed for maximum reliability, power and safety,

    Mavic 2 Enterprise uses DJI motors in combination with efficient propellers for a quiet and more efficient flight, providing up to 31 minutes of flight and a maximum speed of up to 72km / h. In addition, new heated batteries for Mavic 2 Enterprise allow the drone to operate at temperatures as low as -10 ° C.

    Mavic 2 Enterprise uses the latest video transmission system - Ocusync 2.0, which provides a more stable connection between the drone and the control panel. The system is more resistant to interference and can automatically switch between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz and also use different frequencies for data receiving and transmitting streams.

    Ocusync 2.0 allows you to get a powerful signal in high resolution, which will be available to the pilot up to 8km away, although all UAV pilots must follow the laws for controlling drones within their line of sight.

    The FlightAutonomy Mavic 2 Enterprise system provides obstacle detection for safer flight, receiving data from 8i high-resolution sensors and two infrared sensors. The APAS system allows the drone to identify and automatically avoid obstacles in front and behind, providing additional security - especially for beginners, as well as when flying in difficult terrain.

    “Drones are incredible tools that can make our rescue operations more efficient, simplifying many of the tasks and provide affordable protection from the sky,” says Dean Moralez, captain of the fire department, Mesa Fire & Medical department. “We are always looking for better options to serve the community. Through the use of drones, we can save lives. "

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