Intelligence agencies allegedly exploited vulnerabilities in Juniper

    More recently , documents that previously were in the public domain under the secrecy stamp have got into the public space . Journalists learned that British intelligence exploited vulnerabilities in Juniper Networks firewalls. / photo Michael Himbeault CC Journalists raised the question of the responsibility of both the company itself and intelligence agencies for exploiting a vulnerability that was not reported. Of course, for this it is necessary to prove the presence of direct conspiracy, but rumors only fuel the situation. Juniper devices running ScreenS are at risk. These products are not mass, but have a certain number of customers.

    One of the first messages regarding the access of special services to Juniper products was sent to reporters by Edward Snowden, who shared with the world a huge array of documents that shed light on already implemented projects for mass data collection and analysis.

    In response to the allegations, the company limited itself to a press release that did not surprise anyone. Juniper said it is not rumored and adheres to high quality standards in the design and development of its products.

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