Announcement of Windows Camp Lab Labs // Labs and Useful Links for Developers

    The Windows Camp 2015 event , in which Microsoft experts spoke about the new Windows 10 and universal applications, received a worthy continuation in the format of laboratory work. Participants were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of developing universal applications in practice, attending the event in person or by connecting online.

    And now we are very pleased to inform you about the publication of entries from the event Windows Camp // Labs !

    Records of laboratory work are available here .

    We remind you that laboratory work (code samples, instructions in Russian and English) are in the repository .

    A complete set of instructions is available as a PDF book .

    Recordings of speeches by Windows Camp 2015 speakers can be found on Channel 9 .

    If you are interested in specific aspects of development for the Windows 10 platform, see the official examples in the repository , or for IoT scripts.

    You can also find some interesting projects showing the capabilities of universal applications in the repository .
    Good luck with your further development work on Windows 10! And good code!

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