Reports with QA mitap in Redmadrobot


    As promised - we all recorded. We look at the reports and photos from the QA mitap, which was held in the office of robots on September 25.

    For those who never read to the end - all in three minutes.

    And now to the reports

    "The organization of cross-platform autotests in SuperJob"

    Anton Shkredov, leading test automation specialist at SuperJob

    "Strategy of mobile application testing"

    Julia Chistova, QA Team Lead at Redmadrobot

    “Engineer's QA Adaptability”

    Andrey Yu, automation specialist at

    "Automation of mobile testing by native means"

    Ekaterina Bateeva, Leading Mobile Test Automation Specialist in Tinkoff

    Find yourself and friends in the photo here .

    And the vacancy in the ranks of the iron QA-squad - here .

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