Company "Z"

    Somehow, in 2010, when I was still a green and immature programmer, but already (in the juice) a technical writer, not to say a feather shark in this area, I went to get a job in one large international company (let's call it the company “Z” ), to the position of junior programmer - he is a junior developer. Vacancy through a social network sent me an acquaintance.
    The company purposely did not post any ads on the Internet - security policy - only on the recommendations. I do not know exactly why a friend chose me from all possible candidates. Probably, my specific background seemed to him the most promising, as it almost came under the requirements of the employer, whose office was conveniently located about 50 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road near the little-known half-empty cottage village. A two-story glass box, in size and architectural design, resembles a little auto show, a little alien fortress. In general, modern glass constructivism with a claim to cinema or game futurism, something like a building from a strategic toy on the theme of space with three floors down (underground). True, if memory serves, the buttons in the elevator car were more than five, seven or eight pieces. At the first interview, and there were four of them, I went down to the 1st floor. The last interview with the head of the Security Council took place on -3 floor ...

    In general, I always piously believed that a conversation with personnel officers, SB officers and fire safety officers was more instructive, and not a game of a living polygraph. Moreover, the head of the Security Council still did not know Russian, the conversation was held in English with a series of very strange questions. But I passed the interview, and I was immediately asked to start work, or rather, to get acquainted with the team.

    We wandered for a long time along the kilometer corridors with walls in inscriptions in English, German and, oddly enough, Chinese. It took about 20 minutes until we legionary step did not reach the glass doors leading into the room the size of a cinema hall, with partitions, separate rooms, computers and, of course, the workers behind these computers. There were 10 to 15 people in the room. We moved to the center of the room to the office of the lead programmer, with whom I spoke at the first interview. He is from Russia, about 40 years old, behind mechmat, working as a distribution engineer, studying in the Netherlands and working there for about 5-7 years as a system programmer for a Swiss company.

    I must say that in general, despite a number of oddities at the interviews, everything seemed to me very attractive. I would even say that I have already agreed to work - taking into account all the conditions promised to me - immediately after the first interview: to work for 5 years like Savraska, like a bayonet to appear at 9:00 in the office every day for the salary promised to me. With this almost genuine joyful thought, I followed the head of the Security Council along a wide aisle to the office of the future boss, looking at his charges (programmers) and wondering where my workplace would be. Mentally, I have already presented how I will work here until the next summer, accumulate a tidy sum, take a vacation and, finally, ride around Europe ...

    We reached the office, the head of the Security Service, raised a palm to the scanner to open the door, and my eyes fell on a thin-figured chair three meters away from me. He slipped on the table, then on the monitor, on the keyboard, on which by a ten-finger method the pale figure gained about 300-500 characters per minute. I remembered the program "Solo on the keyboard."

    - Probably the secretary ?! - flashed in my head.

    My glance slid over the badge, neatly lying next to the keyboard, with clear white letters on it: “Peter.S. - junior developer. I glanced at the monitor, then at a piece of paper, which for a period of 10 seconds looked at “Peter. S. A couple of seconds flew by, the SB chief only managed to bring his hand to the scanner and the doors began to open before us, and I once again glanced at the monitor, then even more closely on a sheet of paper, which Peter had to postpone, looking at the new - sheet 12 in font multi-storey mathematical formulas, with two or three lines in English at the very beginning. The doors opened, the chief of the Security Council took a step into the office, and the last time I looked at Peter-a’s monitor and realized that man, as an organism as a whole, is capable of more than modern science knows; eg, for 1 millionth of a second, change the decision to exactly the “opposite”; it was during this time that I changed my mind about working at Z. I stopped looking at the monitor - Peter-Z dialed the program code in Assembler, and behind the code, in the reflection of the screen, I saw two eyes with a metallic glow in them ... and then I was awakened by the TV, the host of the Vremya program talked about the plans of the five-year plan.

    PS (This is absolutley fiction story. Matches are random)

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