Computational Intelligence in Creating Procedurally Generated Video Game Content

    Joseph Brown, a professor at Innopolis University (Canada), has recorded a webinar to participate in the 2015 IEEE CIS Webinars Competition on Computational Intelligence in Creating Procedurally Generated Content for Video Games.

    Procedural Content Generation (PCG) allows you to create content according to the parameters of the design decision models with minimal user intervention or offers several possible solutions. Techniques involving the use of generative methods, search and evolution algorithms allow the developer to control the area of ​​design parameters. These are advanced techniques used in the latest video game development tools and resources. They provide increased “ replayability", Lower costs and starting points for creating resources, and also take into account individual gaming experience. These methods are already used in other industries, in particular, in fashion, architecture and industrial design.

    The webinar examined current points of view on procedurally generated content (PCG) using biotechnological search to develop levels and place the opponent in the game. Professor Brown examines examples of relevant independent video games (indie games) and AAA class games, and talks about how these techniques are used at the moment and will be used in the future.

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    Procedural Content Generation (PCG) allows for parameter models of designs to create content with minimal user interventions, or to provide a human with an overview of possible designs.

    Techniques involving generative methods, search based algorithms, and evolution, give the designer control over large design spaces. These techniques are at the forefront in novel tools for game design and assets: expanding replay-ability, reducing costs and entry points for asset creation, and allowing for personalized play experiences. These methods have also found their way into other industries, such as, fashion, architecture, and industrial design. This talk will give an overview on the current thinking on PCG using biologically inspired searches to develop levels and enemy placement. Dr. Brown will give an overview of current independent and AAA games, and how these techniques are being used an will be used in the near future. The
    webinar will make a demonstration of evolutionary programming in the development for levels in a Diablo like space. Most importantly, it will look at how we can evaluate the designs produced, and how expert knowledge from players can be take into account in the evaluation of a design.

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