Java concentrated on one and a half thousand people. How was Joker 2018

    Just recently, Joker 2018 was held - the main Java conference in Russia. This is the sixth in a row Joker, and this time he gathered a record number of participants (about one thousand four hundred people - and that does not count the speakers, stand assistants and organizers). In this habrapos, we will once again look at how it was, and see interesting photos ( carefully, traffic ).


    In fact, it all started long before the “H” hour. For several months, the speakers presented their reports and polished them to perfection along with the program committee. To do this, there is a simple but effective report acceptance system, polished at many of our conferences.

    In general, the preparation for the conference is the coordinated work of dozens of people on all fronts. I understand best about the preparation of materials for Habr, so a few words about her.

    We have released a huge number of articles to make it easier for you to understand how things are going in the Java world and what they want to get from the conference. And “we” means a bunch of people: phillennium , ValeriaKhokha , sinnerspinner , MaxJoint , ARG89 , olegchir and many more people. If you are reading this article, do not be lazy to write in the comments - was our tumultuous activity helpful to you?

    Interviews were prepared not only with the speakers, but also with key members of the community . Just a few days before the start, we wrote about the work of the program committee in a separate post .

    Some interviews, as in the case of Scholte , had to be done directly on Skype.

    Some live. For example, it turned out to be easier to get to Belokrylov (@alexbel) and Voitylov , since their office is located near the center in St. Petersburg.

    The beginning of the day

    It all starts with the fact that you need to wake up, get to Expoforum and register. If you arrive at the very first, then very few people! But this is a very short moment, very soon people will stream along this corridor.


    The conference begins with the traditional introduction by Alexei Fyodorov.

    Further, Andrei Dmitriev's story about what is planned for these two days. Entry from sponsors. Everything is as it should be.

    Someone even wrote it on the phone with hands.

    On the other hand, all this was in good quality available directly in the online broadcast.


    Zhenya Trifonov ( phillennium ) and I spent two days interviewing speakers and companies. This is how it looked in the common area:

    This is how the online broadcast area looked like:

    Above you can see how Zhenya and Gleb Smirnov ( gvsmirnov ) from the PC interview Robert Scholte, one of the key Maven contributors. On the left is Tagir Valeev ( lany ) and is waiting in the wings.

    Opening keyout

    The opening keyout turned out just gorgeous - it was made by one of the best Java speakers in the world, Venkat Subramaniam.

    Later, discussing his speech, we came to the conclusion that one of the key pieces, why Venkat gathers all these crowds of people: he gets very warm lamp stories, where there is not only a strong technical component, but also, for example, stories about the family.


    First day

    The first slot : Nicolai Parlog (CodeFX), Marcus Hirt (Oracle), Alexander Belokrylov (BellSoft) and Alexey Voitylov (BellSoft), Konstantin Knizhnik (PostgresPro).

    The second slot : Harald Wendel (TransferWise), John McClean (Oath), Nikita Lipsky (Excelsior LLC, pjBooms ), Evgeniy Mandrikov (SonarSource).

    Third slot : Andrei Pangin (Odnoklassniki, apangin ), Vladimir Plizga (CFT), Yuri Artamonov (CUBA.platform), Sébastien Blanc (Red Hat).

    I must say that a record number of people came to Pangin. Maybe a whole thousand people. However, the report was really worth it!

    Fourth slot : Tagir Valeev (JetBrains), Dmitry Alexandrov (T-Systems, advbg), Denis Cutic (Infobip), Yaroslav Smirnov (OTS Lab / odgAssist).

    Fifth slot : Evgeny Borisov (Naya Technologies, EvgenyBorisov ), Baruch Sadogursky (JFrog, jbaruch ), Gerrit Grunwald (Canoo Engineering AG), Sergey Melnikov (Raiffeisenbank).

    Fifth slot, round table : Aleksey Fedorov ( Group), Andrei Dmitriev ( Group), Vladimir Sitnikov (Netcracker, vladimirsitnikov ), Andrei Kogun (KROK, AKogun47 ), Dmitry Alexandrov (T-System).

    Second day

    First slot : Oleg Dokuka (Netifi), Derek Ferguson (JP Morgan Chase), Oleg Shelaev (Oracle, shelajev-oleg ), Pavel Kondratyuk (

    Live photo from the third hall : Oleg Shelayev launches the Spring application in 0.015 seconds:

    The second slot : Kirill Tolkachev ( TsIAN , tolkkv ), Maxim Gorelikov ( TsIAN , somemaxim ), Robert Scholte (Sourcegrounds), Nikita Koval (JetBrains, ndkoval ), Artem Shutak (Grid Dynamics).

    The third slot : Baruch Sadogursky (JFrog), Tagir Valeev (JetBrains), Vadim Tsesko (Odnoklassniki, incubos ), Marc Hoffmann (mtrail GmbH), Anton Lapitsky (CUSTIS).

    Fourth slot: Josh Long (Pivotal), Ivan Uglyansky (Excelsior LLC, dbg_nsk ), Yegor Bugaenko (Zerocracy, yegor256 ), Maxim Kazantsev (Azul Systems).

    Fifth slot : Benjamin Nothdurft (codecentric AG), Pavel Finkelstein (lamoda, asm0dey ), Grigory Koshelev (Contour), Oleg Nizhnikov (

    Large photos in better quality can be found in our group on VKontakte . For example, here Pasha Finkelstein talks about Kotlin in a bloody enterprise :

    Discussion areas

    In the discussion areas you can talk with the speaker immediately after the report. The most popular speakers are pressed the hardest and in the first rows must break through.

    Video recording in the discussion zone is usually not conducted, but we have one important exception: Yegor Bugaenko interviewed Baruch Sadogursky. According to the participants it is clear that an explosive mixture has turned out! Watch everyone!

    Autograph sessions, photos and chat

    Even after discussion zones, speakers usually do not disappear anywhere. You can safely continue to communicate further and make some selfi. And the participants themselves are not so simple. Many of them could easily make a report, but not this time. They can also be found on the site and talk, for example, about Kotlin.

    But there are those who have prepared something more for us. For example, Baruh Sadogursky arranged an autograph session for his books “Liquid Software” .

    Demo area, exhibition

    Two special demo zones were equipped where mini-reports could be read.

    These demo zones have collected an impressive number of listeners.

    However, it was always possible to self-organize and discuss something or baton in orange bags.

    Not without retro computers!

    Unique picture: Alexey Fedorov plays in the “Field of Miracles”. The owl is already defeated, there are two opponents left!

    Sponsorship Stands

    There were a lot of companies participating in the exhibition. They did their best by organizing many interesting contests, tasks and entertainments. I really would like to mention them all, but the dimensions of the habrotopic do not allow this.

    Therefore, I’ll show only a couple of photos selected by a pseudo-random number generator on the purest Java:

    And one more picture from me (why be habored if you don’t use it?)

    Final keyout

    The final keyout turned out to be very ambiguous and polarized the audience. Still, to go out in front of one and a half thousand developers to remind them of the “threat” of artificial intelligence and mental problems, and to get out of this alive - not everyone will dare. Judging by the unprecedented crowd in the discussion area, Andrei Kurpatov succeeded. What is the price - everyone decides for himself.


    Bofs are like round tables, but without explicit division into speakers and listeners.

    There were five BoF sessions at the conference:

    • "Proper API design";
    • "Java 11 - go or not?";
    • "Tooling (IDEs, CI, etc.)";
    • Production troubleshooting;
    • "From FP to Reactive" (in English).

    Some bofs collected just an epic amount of people:


    In the end, Andrei Dmitriev traditionally recalled that it would be nice to fill out a feedback form about the past two days, and for English speakers to write reviews strictly in English. If I correctly counted on the exelque, less than half of the participants do so, and as a result, English-speaking speakers have a very difficult time.

    Of course, at the very end, speakers and a program committee were asked to go on stage. It's no secret that the conference program has a powerful “backend” in the form of a Program Committee. These people decide which reports will get into the program, help the speakers bring their presentation to perfection and do a lot of important work to make the conference as cool as possible. Before ending this post, let's remember who we owe a wonderful program.

    Closing the online broadcast

    We had another bonus closing with the viewers of the online broadcast. We are with phillennium , our director Alexey 23derevo Fedorov, and program director Andrey Dmitriev.

    A party

    An official album with photos in preparation, and I was too hungry to do it informally. Here is a photo from the first day's party:

    I can only say that a significant part of the participants and speakers did not disperse after the end of the second day and stayed well past midnight. Here is one of the rare photos made by Tagir lany Valeev at some restaurant near the Expoforum:

    Vsevolod ( vbrekelov ) Brekelov (from another PC of our conference, Heisenbug ) delivered me to Vasilyevsky Island at about three in the morning.


    This is one of our largest and most important conferences, and it was definitely a success.

    See you next year!

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