Samsung has announced a new generation of display

    Samsung invited twenty of its largest corporate clients to the Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen for an exclusive presentation of its new technologies. Nevertheless, Chinese insiders are not asleep, there have been leaks, and we can now look at what the next 2-3 years are going to make us happy.

    The most interesting novelty was the radical design of the new Galaxy S10. In its display, the front cameras and sensors will be hidden under the screen, leaving only one small hole outside (and even it can not be distinguished if the smartphone is turned off). This will help to ensure that the screen takes up to 99.5% of the front panel, and get rid of the “beautiful” eyebrows, which, with the filing of the iPhone X, are now being built into their smartphones by almost all manufacturers.

    The main information comes from a fairly well-known Chinese insider under the nickname Ice Universe. He also published in his Twitter account renders of a smartphone with dotted cutouts for the camera in the display. According to him, such "holey" displays will become widespread in 2019. Samsung expects that further they will become the norm, and the “eyebrows” and pull-out modules on smartphones will become a thing of the past.

    Samsung Presentation in China

    Judging by the presentation, the Korean company will begin to embed Touch Integrated Technology into their smartphones. In fact, this is an AMOLED panel with four completely new features:

    1. Sensors under the panel (UPS) . Samsung has developed technology that allows sensors and even the camera to look through the display. They catch the brightness, check the proximity of the screen to your face and even recognize its owner by its external features. Bringing the camera lens out is only needed to improve clarity.

    So far, there is only speculation about how Samsung has achieved this effect. The basic theory is that somehow the individual AMOLED pixels are turned off and made completely transparent.

    2. Finger  on Display . To read your fingerprint, the smartphone will use ultrasonic pulses, not an optical sensor. This, theoretically, would be much safer than conventional optical readers, since ultrasound can create a full-fledged three-dimensional map of your print. In addition, the technology will be built under the screen, and will not affect the appearance of the device.

    3. Sound  on  Display . The entire screen of the smartphone will become a surface for emitting sound. The possible dimensions of the speaker greatly affect the volume and audio quality. And the screen is the largest part of a modern smartphone. Samsung assumes that with a “full-screen speaker” the device’s volume will be like a full-fledged speaker, and several times higher than other smartphones on the market.

    4. Haptics on Display . Samsung itself did not focus attention on this chip, although it was she who most intrigued  private users . The idea is that the screen will somehow be able to give your fingers a tactile response while playing a game or handling programs. That is, the fingertips can feel as if there is a physical button on the screen below them. Finally, it will be possible, for example, to type completely blind. The effect is apparently achieved due to local vibrations. The company did not give other details.

    Concepts smartphones with a "hole camera". What do you think, what's the best location?

    It is not yet clear whether all the claimed technologies will be built into the Samsung Galaxy S10. Although CEO of the company has already stated that this smartphone will be the most revolutionary in the history of the company, and will not be like the previous generation. Experts say that technologies must first undergo detailed testing, and that it would be more logical to expect them in smartphones by 2020.

    Also, analysts expect that already in the Galaxy Note 10 can  be built the first batteries from graphene. Samsung filed a patent for them in November last year, and now, as they say in the industry, they have already been successfully developed. These batteries hold up to 45% more charge than lithium-ion variants, and charge 5 times faster. The only limitation is the adjustment of production on a sufficient scale. Well, considering the previous Samsung crashes with new batteries, it might not hurt to take an extra year to check all the features of the new technology.

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