Senior Junior: Snom D715 IP Phone Review

    Friends, we continue to acquaint you with the products of the German company Snom, more about which we talked about this summer. And today we will talk about the IP-phone, which refers to low-cost models - Snom D715.

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    By clothes

    Compared to the older models, the D715 looks more modest. The display is not so large, it fits 4 lines of text or menu. Below the display are four multifunctional buttons, the purpose of which varies depending on the content of the display, as is done in ATMs.

    Below is a four-way joystick button for navigation, on the sides of which there are confirmation and cancel buttons. And next to it is the button for listening to the voice message (lights up if there is a message).

    In the upper right corner of the phone there is a light indicator that flashes red when an incoming call and just lights if you have missed calls.

    There are five programmable buttons, and there is no additional screen for them - you will have to sign on a piece of paper manually or print on a printer.

    All Snom phones have comfortable handsets, they fit well into a large hand, and a small one.

    Traditionally for the D7xxx line, for the D715, you can rearrange the stand in two different positions, changing the angle of the phone.

    D715 is also in white.

    According to mind

    As we have already mentioned in other reviews, the main set of functions for all D3xx and D7xx phones is almost the same, regardless of the high cost of the model. The capabilities of the phones differ mainly in quantitative, rather than qualitatively, for example, by the number of programmable buttons, screen resolution, number of ports, etc.

    So, in terms of the set of functions, the D715 is almost as good as the older “brothers”: it supports IPv4 / IPv6, equipped with a built-in XML minibrowser, a gigabit switch with two RJ45 ports, a USB port for connecting a headset. The phone supports PoE protocol, that is, it can work without a power supply, receiving energy through a network cable.

    Excellent sound quality for both the user and his interlocutors is ensured not only by the well-thought-out design of microphones and speakers, but also by using a set of codecs. The phone supports wideband sound processing, there is a built-in noise suppressor.

    Phonebook holds up to 1000 contacts. D715 can automatically call back if the called number was busy. There is a built-in blacklist, blocking anonymous calls, do not disturb mode (DND), call hold and redirection. At the same time, the phone can handle up to 4 calls and allows for three-way conference calls.

    True, it was not without its roughness: in the localized Russian-language firmware from time to time there are English-language menu items.

    D715 has ample opportunities for implementation in a corporate communication network and rich settings. Up to 4 SIP identifiers are supported. There is no built-in Bluetooth module, so the headset can only be connected via RJ11 or USB, or you can plug an external Bluetooth module into USB. There is a built-in HTTP / HTTPS server, the phone can be fully configured remotely via a password-protected web interface and managed through the TR-069 / TR-111 subscriber equipment management protocols.

    TLS and VPN are supported. D715 can automatically download firmware updates and settings, and through the USB port it can be connected to a local computer network.

    Summarizing, we can say that Snom D715 is a mass telephone for ordinary employees who do not have to take a lot of calls. At the same time, it can work on a par with any other models of Snom in a single corporate network, the set of functions and settings is as rich in it and allows you to implement any communication schemes.

    For the next publication, iptelefon engineers will prepare an overview of Snom equipment for building DECT networks.

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