Vim FileStyle Update

    About the past

    In December last year, I wrote about a plugin that allows you to see non-compliance with some aspects of the coding standard when opening a file.


    Time passed and the plugin received new functionality.

    Turn plugin on / off in session

    It is carried out by commands:

    Works for all open buffers.

    Automatically fix formatting issues

    It is carried out by the team:

    It works as follows:
    • Deletes escape sequences
    • Removes spaces at the end of a line
    • If this option is expandtabenabled, replaces tabs with spaces; otherwise, replaces spaces at the beginning of a line with tabs

    Plugin highlight overrides

    The backlight used by the plugin may not be suitable for everyone, therefore it is possible to redefine it through an explicit definition in vimrcone or more groups in the color scheme file:

    For example, like this:
    highlight FileStyleTabsError ctermbg=3 guibg=Yellow

    Ignored patterns

    If you want to remove the highlight from the plugin of any specific pattern, you can vimrcadd the following line containing the pattern:
    let g:filestyle_ignore_patterns = ['^\(> \?\)\+$']

    In the console, to work in the color scheme, a group Normalwith a parameter must be explicitly defined ctermbg.
    hi Normal ctermbg=15

    Ignored File Types

    By default, the plugin checks all file types, but you can define a list of types ignored by the plugin:
    let g:filestyle_ignore = ['text']

    You can download the links: | Github

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