The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 120 (on September 7-13)

    A new selection of interesting materials on the development, design and monetization of mobile applications - Apple presentation with iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and Apple TV, development for tvOS, the history of one Yandex.Navigator phakap, the acquisition of mobile users, and much more.

    A Practical Guide to Hacking (and Protecting) Unity Games

    When it comes to software, the term “hacking” is often associated with piracy and copyright infringement. This article is not about that; on the contrary, I strongly disapprove of any action that could directly or indirectly harm other developers. However, this article is still a practical hacking guide. Using the tools and methods that will be discussed later, you can check the protection of your own Unity game and learn how to protect it from hacking and theft of resources.

    The history of one fakap Yandex.Navigator. In six acts with prologue and remorse

    Fakapy also happen in large companies, with testers and strict release procedures. On Monday, such a fakap happened with us - we rolled out the Yandex.Navigator version for Android with an unpleasant error: the application constantly kept the microphone turned on and recorded all the sound in a local file. As a result, the place on the device was quickly clogged up, and it just looked suspicious, although the contents of the file on the network were never transferred anywhere.

    As I wrote the guitar tuner for iOS on Swift. And also a little about DSP, standing waves and how to achieve accuracy of ± 0.1Hz

    In this article I will talk about how I had the idea to write my tuner and what it led to. I will also share my modest knowledge in the field of DSP (digital signal processing) obtained at the university, and how they helped me solve some problems. And of course, I will share the source code and the experience of programming on Swift that I gained during the implementation of this project.




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