Educational process in IT: Olympiads, scholarships, support programs and ITMO University community

    We talk about curricula and opportunities for applicants, students and graduates of ITMO University: from the competition "I am a professional" to thematic support programs.

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    Olympics and training programs

    To enter the magistracy or graduate school without exams: Olympiad "I am a professional"

    This is a thematic competition for bachelors, specialists and masters. Participants of the Olympiad receive the opportunity to test their knowledge on assignments developed with the participation of relevant experts from leading companies in the country. The best will be awarded cash prizes - 200 and 300 thousand rubles, as well as the highest score on the profile exam.

    In general, at the competition “I am a professional” there are 54 thematic areas (tracks): “ Programming and Information Technologies ”, “ Information and Cybersecurity ” and others. This year we presented a new track - “Robotics”. In the material - let's talk about the track in more detail and tell you what participants of this year's Olympiad need to know..

    How the Olympics “I am a professional” of 2017 influenced the further fate of the participants

    One of the goals of the Olympiad is to eliminate the situation when a graduate hears in his address the phrase: “Forget everything you were taught”. Therefore, we strive not only to give actual tasks to the participants, but also to provide them with a platform for communication with potential employers.

    In this article we will find the opinions of five participants of the Olympiad, with whom we discussed the choice of thematic tracks, the results of last year’s Olympiad, prospects from the point of view of subsequent research activities and the experience of participating in the Winter School Poluukachton (by the way, those who have the opportunity to take part in this year ).

    Introducing LLP at ITMO University: the course “Low Level Programming”

    Working with LLP (low-level programming) as part of the educational process gives future IT professionals a comprehensive understanding of how different levels of abstraction, the development environment and the compiler are arranged. This knowledge helps to write resource-intensive code and quickly learn new programming languages ​​used in trading, robotics and system software.

    Our course "Low Level Programming" introduces students to LLP from the perspective of "from setting the task to the finished project." By the way, in the article you will find examples of such projects.

    What is inside the master's program "Computer modeling technologies"

    We launched this program in September of this year. Here we decided to focus on solving practical problems using computer simulation. For example, program participants will be able to immerse themselves in projects of our partners like sdCloud . This is a distributed platform for system-dynamic modeling. We have been involved in the project since mid-2015 and have collaborated with colleagues from MIT, Berkeley and Tapar University (India). In the material you will find a story about this project and will be able to learn more about our new master program.

    Support programs and community

    How to get a cybersport scholarship at ITMO University

    This is our joint initiative with the Computer Sports Federation of Russia - a monthly stipend of 10,000 rubles in the first educational semester (and, if successfully extended, the second) at ITMO University. What you need to get a scholarship:

    In this article we will tell you what else is important to those who do not want to miss the opportunity for additional encouragement for their successes in CS: GО, Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends and seven other “disciplines” that are taken into account by our new cyber sports scholarship .

    What kind of support will ICT startups receive

    Here we will discuss the development of accelerators and technology startups by Rostelecom and ITMO University. Collaboration is aimed at the commercial launch of the best startups.

    Support will receive development for data centers and clouds, solutions in the field of artificial intelligence systems, biometrics, network technologies and other trend areas.

    What will happen in SumIT, an international summer startup school?

    Since 2012, the SumIT acceleration program has helped Russian IT start-ups enter the market. We decided to use this experience in the framework of thematic summer schools open to participants from other countries. In this article - their opinions about SumIT and stories about their projects.

    Photos icpcnews icpcnews CC BY ITMO University has become the leader of GoTech's rating on preparing IT entrepreneurs According to GoTech 2017, more than five percent of startup managers are graduates of ITMO University. According to this indicator, we bypassed Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State Technical University and other prestigious universities. In total, 715 projects from 120 cities took part in the study. This is 1495 participants.

    In St. Petersburg, the first in the CIS community of Python developers appeared.

    The community PyLadies includes thousands of participants from 76 cities of the world. The article contains a story about the history of the community and an overview of the first thematic meeting (representatives of the Yandex.Pogoda and Yandex.Toloka services, Social Quantum, Picasel Agency and PyLadies SPb spoke on it).

    A moment of achievement

    The ITMO University scholars have received scholarships from the IEEE Photonics Society Photonics Society

    (IEEE Photonics Society) annually grants ten young graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in their scientific work and have shown high activity in participating in relevant conferences. This year, grants were received by two employees of the ITMO University - graduate students Alyona Schelokova and Dmitry Filonov. The material contains a story about the projects of Alena and Dmitry - a scientific component and practical application.

PhD student Vladimir Borisov won the Science Slam in St. Petersburg

    Vladimir received a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Under the link - a detailed story about how he managed to create a superlaser, and what he will do with the grant.

    ITMO University’s developments at TechCrunch

    Last year we launched a joint project with the British Tra Robotics, and presented the results of cooperation at TechCrunch 2018. Among the developments are the “Grip” device, which can manipulate objects of various shapes and sizes, as well as software for interaction of the robot with the surrounding environment "at the software level" (replaces the specialized sensors). Photo by CC BY

    Assistance in self-development

    How to start a project without high costs, build a team and make a hobby work?

    This is the lecture summary by Kirill Bodrov, head of the Open Laboratory of Ideas, Methods and Practices. Here you will find answers to the questions: “How to learn not to give up before difficulties?”, “Where to find a team of enthusiasts?” And “How to commercialize scientific research?”.

    Who will help publish an article in an English-language journal?

    For publication in English-language publications, you cannot simply take and translate your scientific work from Russian into English. The article must comply with the requirements of publications and must be stylistically adapted. These subtleties will help to understand the free thematic courses and master classes in the Laboratory of Academic Writing University ITMO.

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