[Selection] Development, design and promotion of sites: 17 useful materials

    Creating a high-quality website that will attract users with a thoughtful interface and beautiful design is not an easy task, which a huge number of companies cannot cope with.

    I have collected useful links that will help pass this path and not make unnecessary mistakes.

    Choice: self-developed, studios, freelancers or designers

    The first problem faced by companies who need to create a website from scratch or redesign is to whom to entrust this work. Usually there are several options to choose from - from self-development, the use of designers, to attract freelancers and studios.

    Below are a few articles in which web development experts describe the pros and cons of each approach and share tips:

    What to remember when working on a design

    Another very important point - the design of the site. Creating a quality logo and interface is not easy. To solve this problem will help the study of materials from the list below:

    How to attract visitors

    Finding developers and creating beautiful designs is not the end of the effort. In order for the site to become a business tool, it is necessary that visitors come to it. Below are some materials with tips and ideas on how to solve this problem in the realities of 2018:

    Know other useful materials for the development, design and promotion of sites? Share links in the comments, collect the maximum information in one place.

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