Embarcadero announces purchase of Raize Components


    The company Embarcadero announced the acquisition of Raize Components and simultaneously the release of two new products:
    Konopka the Signature the VCL Controls' - a solution for the design of Windows APIs;
    CodeSite is a logging solution for developers on Delphi, C ++ Builder and Visual Studio.

    Konopka Signature VCL Controls- This is a solution that allows you to quickly design interfaces for Windows applications that meet modern requirements. Using this kit, containing more than 200 components for Windows, which will help make the application convenient and attractive. And a wide variety of features of the property editor simplifies the design and development of interfaces for Windows applications even more.

    The components fully support the VCL styles, which also allows you to create modern applications for Windows 10.

    CodeSite is a logging or logging system that allows you to keep a convenient and, most importantly, the most informative log of the application.
    It is known that a CodeSite tool with limited functionality has long been included in the standard package of RAD Studio, and this functionality was enough for many to fully log their applications.

    However, sooner or later the question arises before each developer, how to track the operation of their application? And the developer can go the road of inventing a “bicycle” or use a ready-made professional solution specifically designed for such tasks.

    CodeSite enables the developer to better understand the mechanism for executing his code, both at the stage of application development and at the end-user’s application. CodeSite allows logging with saving to a special file, which can be easily sent to the developer, and he will open it using the special tool Live Viewer.

    My personal experience shows that those programmers who got acquainted with CodeSite and put it into practice will never return to their previous tools, which is what I wish you!

    More information can be found on the Embarcadero website here:

    Thank you all and good luck!

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