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"On the moon, people have been more than flew a jetpack"


It has been only three years since David Meiman first flew around the statue of Liberty on his JB-9 jetpack, thus officially marking the beginning of the jetpack era. Three years! They may seem like an eternity in the era of rapid technological progress, when it looks like the next iteration (version) of any commercial product comes to light in just 6 months.

And things are really going fast, because in numerous public speeches, David Mayman takes to the air already on the deeply-upgraded six-turbine version of the JB-11 knapsack, in between flights, working on the design of a flying machine. But, although Jetpack Aviation is actually ready to sell the reckless brave JB-10, a model capable of developing “wild” 150 miles per hour (240 km / hour) and raising the pilot by 18,000 feet (5400 meters), the company will follow a more cautious strategy, to until he develops a security system with “anti-fool” as the last frontier, which, in the event of a catastrophic failure, can take control.

This does not mean you or I have no chance to ride a jetpack. There were times when only David Mamen was the only one who flew to JB at all, but soon he began to train other employees of his company, and then even one completely outside person who won the competition . And now Mayman opens his school to the general public.


For $ 4950, you can finally learn how to fly a JB-10, and spend the whole day with Meimen, the only FAA jetpack instructor in the world with a certificate from the FAA (an excellent CV item) and qualified pilot Boris Yarri. You will perform take-offs, landings, hang-ups, as well as forward, backward and sideways maneuvers — according to Meiman, flying a JB-10 is like controlling a Segway in the sky and should be intuitive for most people.

All flights will be performed using safety cords, and instructors have the ability to remotely turn off the engines if something suddenly goes wrong. Pilots will be able to keep as a souvenir their individual flight suit, made exclusively for the occasion, and also receive photos and videos of their aerial adventures.

The flight training program takes place in the Los Angeles area, among the picturesque citrus trees, and Meiman boasts what a beautiful view opens directly onto the ocean when you are floating 20 feet (6 meters) in the air without any risk of breaking, and behind your back there is a noble roar of turbines.

The total flight time is likely to be about 20 minutes, and of course this will not be enough to train most pilots to the extent that they can safely perform aerobatics on their own and do without a safety tether. However, Meiman said that successful pilots will be able to return and continue their studies.

Yes, it’s not cheap, but it can be an absolutely unique experience. As the company notes, now even on the Moon more people managed to walk than flew on a jetpack. Both Meiman and the Jetpack Aviation team are at the forefront of progress in opening a new personal category of flights, which everyone has been dreaming of for many, many decades. If you decide to try the satchel on yourself, be sure to tell us about what you felt and experienced!

See how Meiman is demonstrating the fruits of his labor this year at the Red Bull Air Race:

Translation: Alexander Jeditobe Rechitsky


Well, how are things in Russia?

On the NASA hackathon last weekend, I conducted a firing test of a two-turbine aircraft. All systems work fine. Now in a week I will complete the launch pad for training people and we will fly.


Who wants to sign up for a training session (in Moscow) and become the first Russians (10 places in total) who fly a jetpack - write here:

- a blog on Habré
- a channel in Telegram
- a VK group
- my Fb profile
- letters to write here alexey. stacenko@gmail.com

By the way, the company RUVDS became interested in jetpack and helps storm the clouds.

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