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    October 11, we spent in the office of Data Science Meetup. They talked about load testing, computer vision and the implementation of scoring cards.

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    Asylbek Malibaev is a machine learning specialist in “Wheels | Roof | Market ”

    In“ Wheels, Roof, Market ”machine learning is widely used in various microservices and products. The report tells about the part related to computer vision. Asylbek speaks about the tasks that were set before the service, and the technical implementation: building basic Convolutional neural networks, Text detection in the wild and YOLO v3.

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    "Development of scoring cards"

    Renat Alimbekov data scientist in Kaspi Bank

    Renat talks about what credit risk is and how to manage it, about approaches in modeling credit risks and the practical implementation of scoring cards.

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    "The introduction of machine learning models in production"

    Evgenia Khusnutdinova data scientist in «Wheels | Roof | Market "

    Eugene talks about what are the difficulties when deploying a model in production, about load testing from the point of view of a data scientist, and what you should pay attention to when choosing a library and algorithms to solve the problem.

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    We support the IT-community in Kazakhstan, so from time to time we organize in the office meetings for developers, managers and data science. If you have an interesting report and you want to speak at our next meeting, write to

    Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting and watched the video. Playlist mitapa - on our YouTube channel .

    See you again!

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