Mail Design Cup 2018 - Competition for interface designers

    The time has come (downloads) for awesome images at the Mail Design Cup . Together with our new friends, Skillbox patties, we are launching the seventh season of the main domestic competition for interface designers (and those who want to be, rather than appear).

    Again, a brilliant jury: Sergey Popkov (AIC), Lena Anikeeva (Pixies), Georgy Kvasnikov (Fantasy), Maxim Pavlov (Notamedia) and Yuri Vetrov (Mail.Ru Group). Again, good loot: MacBook Pro 15 "and 13", iPad Pro with a proprietary pencil. Again, cool tasks and sleepless nights. Again umatny landing (thanks to Nazariy Pankiv, do not forget to include music in the lower corner).

    This year (finally) the transformation of the competition begins:

    1. The final will be more spectacular - instead of the classic third round, the battle will be held offline. 16 finalists will compete on feathers (in the sense of stylus) in approximately cyber-sports format. Skillbox masters of this genre, so let's do everything in beauty.
    2. Together with Skillbox, we will analyze the best work online. so the participants will get a good feedback.
    3. Old people here have a place - those who have already passed the qualifying round in previous years can immediately get into the first round. The mechanism is still experimental, so write to with reference to the profile.
    4. The totally redesigned interface has already been drawn and will be launched by next season, but right now we have healed a few old pains (registration is not only on social networks, a simple mobile version).

    So far we have implemented only a small part of your ideas , but gradually we will deal with all.

    Last time we went overboard with the problem of qualifying. This time, everything is also fun-defiantly, but without a puzzle:

    On the background of the news about the safety of instant noodles, one of the well-known manufacturers decided to use this fact in promoting their products. Offer an advertising campaign to promote instant noodles for the audience of healthy lifestyles. This may be a promotional website, outdoor advertising, a booklet, a mobile application, or another format that you consider to be the most effective (several can be done at once, this will add points).

    In short, Mail Design Cup 2018 (night out). The qualifying round will run from right now until November 18th. Get in (a qualifying winner is in for a surprise).

    PS To simplify life, we renamed the competition to the Mail Design Cup, following the summer conference Mail Design Conference - it is much easier for us to support all activities. All announcements and information will go through the public and Mail.Ru Design pages:

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